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model x steering column noise

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Anyone else experiencing a squeal coming from the steering column as it automatically extends/retracts in “easy entry” mode? When I get into the car and step on the brake pedal to start my Model X, it has started making a squealing noise as it positions itself based on my saved inputs. Same thing happens when I put it in neutral, set the parking brake, go to exit the car.


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    We took our Model X in for the 25K service a few months ago and mentioned the noise when telescoping (very loud rubbing and vibration). They immediately confirmed the said they "lubed" the steering column during the repairs. We took it back in this past week as the "lubing" didn't help and they replaced the steering column. My only concern after driving briefly with the new steering column is that the steering does not feel as tight as is was previously. It feels more like a traditional luxury sedan. I loved the responsiveness in my Model X steering so hoping that my observation is just a mental side effect from driving a loaner 2014 P85 Model S for nearly a week.
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    @Ericplusamy - you might want to check your steering mode. It might have been changed to "Comfort" instead of "Standard" or "Sport" setting.
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    I took my X last month for a similar issue.

    Whenever the car is slowly making a left or right turn (usually when entering or leaving the garage or parking) it'll make a noise at the exact same steering position...
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