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Laggy/freezing backup camera after recent updates?

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I'm curious if anyone else started experiencing freezes/lag when using the backup camera after a recent round of updates? I'm talking about the 2018 HW2.5 Model S in my case.

I now get into my car, switch into reverse, and instead of seeing the backup camera, sometimes several seconds pass before it switches to the backup mode, after which the camera screen may stay black for several more seconds.

Then when it finally shows the picture and I start backing up, the video would sometimes freeze up for 1-2s, causing me to instantly brake.

At least the camera feed doesn't seem to get stuck black like it did a couple months back, but it's still frustrating.

Additionally, the whole interface sometimes feels laggy, including skips in audio until it's rebooted, and the screens sometimes shut off and go black (happened yesterday to the screen behind the wheel while navigating, then it came back on its own 15s later).

I'm on 2019.8.5 3aaa23d.

Anyone else experiencing these?


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    I have a 2017 S HW 2.0 MCU 1 and had this problem since buying the car new; counted 31 occurrences to date. It has not happened recently despite having the same firmware you have. Maybe it is because it is getting warmer and it happens more frequently in cold weather. Tesla is convinced it is software related but can't seem to fix it. By the way, all model cars have this problem. The forum has many posts regarding this longstanding headache.
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    Maybe new people that come to the forum don't know there's more than one page of thread topics showing?
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    My Model 3 has been having this issue since the last software update. The lag is between three and five seconds.
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    While driving one of MS, both displays went blank for 10 mins, had to pull over and wait for the screens to turn back on. While driving the other, the navigation display went blank for 5 mins. Both are 2018. Anyone experienced this?
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    I am having issues with camera going white since I bought my car a few months ago and Tesla is not able to fix it. Keeps saying it is software bug
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    Have you tried rebooting your MCU? Press and whole both wheel buttons until restart begins. Make sure you are in park. This usually clears up any freezing or lagging for me.
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    I've had the same issue since the update before last. I've tried resetting the system, but that only fixes it not coming up at all (which has been 2 or 3 times). There has been about 4 second delay for the rear camera to show up, where before it was pretty instantaneous.
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    I have done soft reset multiple times it keeps on going white. The car has gone to service center two times already for this problem but they cannot fix it. I am really frustrated with this problem
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    what is tesla doing about this?
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