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UK referral programme

Hello I have looked on the referral support page and it says you can use a code on all new Tesla’s. I have a friend that wants to order a model 3 and use my code but when my code is added only offers an S or X. Can a referral code be used ordering a Model 3 in the UK?


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    There is no evidence that anyone from TESLA actively participates in these forums so probably best to contact TESLA directly for an answer.
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    In the USA my referral code comes up with all three cars, not sure why UK would be different?
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    Can you order a Model 3 in the UK yet. I thought they have produced the RHD yet.
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    @Encierro-htx - not yet, but “soon”. EM says the configurator will open up in a few weeks for all RHD markets.
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    Referral Programme
    You and anyone using your referral code to buy a Tesla will receive 5,000 free Supercharger miles! On May 28, this will revert back to 1,000 miles.

    Each referral now also gives you five chances to win a Founders Series Model Y or Roadster supercar! Tesla owners who already have free Supercharging get ten chances to win.

    Hi All, anyone need a referral code, please use mine!!
  • I believe referral codes have only just recently been enabled for Model 3 orders in the UK. Here's the process I have just used to order a Model 3 (which had been reserved previously) with a referral code, and also find out my own referral code (because I don't already have a Tesla I didn't already have a code):

    Click on the link, then select your country (UK), model (Model 3), then "I have a Model 3 reservation" (rather than "Design Now" which I think might be for new orders rather than previously reserved orders), login (if you are not logged in already), and complete your design. During the ordering process I could see a message that I had used a referral code and that I'd get 5000 free supercharger miles (although it didn't appear on the order confirmation).

    Once ordered, I was able to login to the Tesla mobile app (which I hadn't been able to do before ordering) and on the app there was a treasure chest icon in the top right which I was able to use to find my own referral code (which I don't think currently shows up anywhere on the web account).

    If you find this useful you can use my referral code which I now know is :-)
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    my referral code is :-)... supercharging rates $0.44/minute in Canada
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    Sure use the referral link for 1,000 free supercharging miles when you order
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