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Wrapping with Xpel Stealth

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Careful when doing this. We are going through a nightmare after deciding to do this with our P90D, Pearl White.
It turns out the stealth wrap is thicker than most wraps and has difficulties wrapping around certain surfaces. We have had to go back twice because film has ridges and are going back a 3rd time.
The mirrors are a nightmare as it has multiple surface profiles. Signature who does lots of work for service center in Dania Beach is struggling to say the least.
There is also lots of disassembly going on including the Model S , T and P90D stickers.
Now we are waiting for these parts, who has the proper template for location, etc.
I would not do this again


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    Wehave SunTek Ultra on all our cars. Great stuff.

    ‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked [E]AP FSD AP2.5 Bio 16.1)*2. Grin on!
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    Installer experience is everything. Sticker City is awesome and never has issues like that.
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    Would be nice to have those with good experiences start a thread with business name and location. I've been looking at Xpel Stealth for a few years now for my aging black S.

    OP, what did this cost you? Thanks in advance.
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    I have Xpel Stealth on my Model S (blue) and coated it with OptiCoat Pro on top. I had mine done by Accutint in Bellevue, WA. They do a ton of Teslas and their work is exceptional. It's all about the right installer.
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    Capitol Shine from DC metro area wrapped my S100D with Xpel stealth wrap and applied CP coating for my 21 in sonic carbon wheels and the body. According to him since the wrap was thicker I didn't need CP coating 2x for body. Got numerous compliments. When the mirrors showed little imperfection few months later he fixed it and fixed in few other places too that did not cure perfectly. He was very careful and patient when removing the badge and putting them back on.
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