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Just took delivery of my Model 3 and noticed after a couple hours that the AC does not work. Service center told me the compressor needs changing and said it will take 3 weeks to get the replacement part. I really love the car but find it hard to believe that it takes 3 weeks to ship a new compressor across the country. A bit of a letdown and sorta feels like Tesla could do a better job fixing quality issues with delivered units. Anyone else had quality issues with their Model 3?


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    We have had the same issue with air conditioning with an early June delivered Model 3. Took it on a 10-hr road trip and AC worked OK for a few hours, but never got cold below 70 degrees F. Then the fan blew warm air with interior temps in the high 70's and 80's for about 1/2 of the trip. Next day would again work for awhile and then stop cooling. Did a hard re-start that helped another problem, but the AC issue has persisted. We are three hours from the service center so haven't been able to schedule a visit...only discussed over the phone. Doesn't sound like a software fix.
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    Yes! Early June delivery as well. Might be a really bad batch from supplier. Took it in this morning to service center and they texted they have to put a new AC Compressor in. Said would give me an ETA soon. Didn't say anything about 3 weeks! We'll see. I live in Palm Springs, so it's 118 degrees during the summer. No AC is an underivable car.
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    This exact same thing happened to ours. Took it into service, They replaced two sensors and it has worked great since.
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    I'm in the same boat as my AC is not working well. Its experiencing the same issues as @sww10 is. It works some times and most it just blows out hot air. I took delivery of my model 3 early June as well in Fremont. I have appt scheduled with Dublin service center next week. Hopefully it doesn't take too long for the them to repair it but I wouldn't mind if they gave me model S or X as loaner ;)
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    So my thermostat seems to be off. I need to set it to 67 or 68 to get the car to ~74 degrees. Anyone experience this? Not a big deal as I just set it lower.
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    How can you tell what the interior temp is on the car without the app?

    What vin are you guys with early June deliveries?
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    My Model 3 (VIN 20xxx) has been in a SoCal service center all week for AC issues. It seems to work fine for the first 20 minutes of driving, then begins blowing warm air at maximum fan speed. Viewing the screen with the AC in "auto" setting, I could see that it's cycling between AC on, recirc on, AC off, recirc off, etc., about every 20 seconds. The local SC verified the problem but is apparently working with Tesla engineering to figure out how to resolve it. Fingers crossed!
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    Might be an issue with earlier release models. My vin is 43xxx and i don't have that issue.
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    I took delivery 6/3 and just dropped my M3 today morning to SC for AC issue. Around 72 deg setting it blows really hot air from rear vent and cold air from front. SC confirmed issue and said they will look into it. Also driver side door had really bad alignment around 1/2". Earlier they said it is within spec (come on Tesla) but technician said he will try to fix it. Today while dropping my car, I counted 8 M3 coming back for all sorts of issues (Airbag issue, AC, paint defect, etc..) within 90 minutes of window while I was there. Tesla has to work on improving quality of cars. My friend's MX is also in SC for AC not working. Customer service is great though. I hope my next Tesla purchase is flawless.
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    My parents took delivery of their Model 3 on July 26, and the AC would not produce cool air. Also, the touchscreen constantly showed the outdoor temperature as "---- °F". Tesla Mobile Service came on July 31 and discovered that the wires that connect the body of the car to the instruments in the front bumper (including the outdoor temperature sensor) weren't fully connected. As soon as the repairman fixed the connection, the outdoor temperature appeared on the screen and the AC started working!
  • Took delivery of our Model 3 this past May 3rd and just realized that the AC wasn't getting cold when set to LO. Having it serviced this week. Hard to notice when it was still cool when we took delivery of the vehicle.
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    Thanks for the update, jim! Please give us the play by play about everything else you discover.
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    We got our M3 last July. The A/C stopped blowing cold a couple months later. The compressor was replaced, covered under warranty
  • My air conditioner started blowing only tepid air. Leaving for Palm Springs today, and really need the A/C to work!! It's Memorial Day weekend, and I can't reach anyone.
    This happened a month or so ago, but the weather was cool, and I didn't think much of it. It started working again on its' own after about a week or so.
    But now I really need it!!
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