Massive Tesla sales drop, yet impossible to purchase a new Model S

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As an owner of a maxed out P90D Model S since 2015 (first registered Ludicrous Model S in Canada), for the last few months I was thinking of purchasing a new Model S as it would have the 100kw battery, proper autopilot hardware and accident free (mine was tagged in a parking lot a year earlier). Coincidentally I reached out to Tesla sales April 4th the same day CNN Business reported Tesla's first quarter sales dropped a massive 31%. Like most Tesla communication centers' today, I left a message of my interest to purchase another and maybe trade-in the current. Later a representative named Cayden called me and realized the Canadian team needed to contact me.

4 days later I get an e-mail from a representative named Sean that is just reaching out regarding my interest, although wonderfully he is off for a few days if I don't get back to him in a couple hours...I missed getting back to him.

Finally we touch base on April 17th and find he is for selling only used Tesla's, not new. He was kind enough to let me know what the trade-in value of my car was, although it was quite the shock, I asked what would the price be if there was no accident? He said he would get back to me...I'm still waiting.

Not willing to give up...May 9th I go to the showroom in Vancouver to speak with a representative and couldn't find anyone to give me a hand. Not being able to hang around any longer, I decided I will come back another day.

Still not willing to give up...May 14th I'm back at the showroom and get a representative - Prescott free to speak with a living/breathing customer (there is a god!), we look at ordering up a new Model S loaded, with the caveat that I still need to know the accident value difference as I may still need to speak with insurance company regarding Accelerated deprecation. The Sales manager Kyle wasn't in at the time, but it was agreed we could get this done and move forward on the order by May 17th and i would get an e-mail or a call. Nothing to date.

I felt I was taking a risk purchasing back in 2015 and hoped i was really helping a company on the cutting edge of change. I didn't know that the change of where most Auto company rep's you have to beat them off with a stick if you enter their showroom. With Tesla the rep's have become so comfortable anything greater than 10 minutes of their precious time...they can't be bothered with you.

Does Tesla have some hidden secret or hand shake needed if you want to purchase another one of their vehicles?

Please point me in the direction


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    Tesla lowballs trade-in values. This is well known. Sell your vehicle privately.

    Ordering a new Tesla is trivial and you don't need anyone's help to do it. Aside from your trade in quote issues, I don't see any problem.
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    CS is really lacking. I'm going through the same thing with a PO. It's so frustrating to the point that I would almost rather sit in a dealership for 4hours. You would think that with the 30% drop and that fact that you are about to drop a good amount of money on their product, they can be more proactive and reach out to their clients not the other way around. I sent multiple emails with no response and not even a call until a little nasty gram today. And then I get, "I sent you an email on Saturday. I figured you were just busy and haven't responded." Guess what, It's Monday and you had all day to follow up. Not wait for me to say "where the hell are you guys..." at 5PM
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    Every car dealership lowballs trade-ins. Thats where the money is at. They not only get a sale, but they get another profit potential.

    I had to call about 5 times, and visit one dealership twice in person in order for them to initiate the insurance that was bought when someones car got totaled. They all do it. Like insurance companies who dont want to give you the money for your car, like health insurance that doesnt want to cover the procedure that is covered by your policy. You have to literally fight for everything.

    Tesla forums are pretty good. Would recommend putting it up in Model S forums and see if anyone is interested in buying. Craigslist or something as well. Trade-ins are not a good deal for you.
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    Good thing your order was delayed. Model S and X prices dropped today.
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    Guess it pays to wait and be patient.
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    Send an e-mail to the Tesla Inside Sales group — they’ve been incredibly helpful (and responsive) for me as I look to trade in my current S for a new one. Kudos to Rob for all the assistance.

    Rob Estifanos | Ownership Advisor, Inside Sales (Fremont HQ)
    6900 Dumbarton Circle, Fremont, CA 94555
    p. +1 (510) 602-6046 | [email protected]
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    Oh—and the phone number is there as well if you’d prefer to call. Best of luck. MJP
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    Think your title has mislead me. There is no problem ordering a new Tesla, but you are having a difficult time getting a price on your trade in.

    Tesla has always been a little wonky about trade ins, especially if it has been in an accident. They usually send it to a auction house in the US, but don't know what they do with it in Canada.

    The heavy governmental rebates in parts of Canada tend to drive used car prices lower, and incentives to purchase new are significant.
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    +1 on the misleading title. The issue is trade-in, not purchasing a new car.
  • What changes: Model X can no longer take tight curves and displays a message saying autopilot limited. Highway driving is mostly unaffected even though there are some places around the city with sharper turns, especially highway ramps and sections with limited speed. The car will unexpectedly break and play an alert sound. Changing lanes has now a 5 second timeout, so if the car hesitates at the beginning, it will swerve back to its previous lane quite vigorously. Major downgrade. I can no longer just pull the signal stalk all the way down and wait until the car waits for a slot. Driving animation doesn’t improve anything, its even a bit distracting and buggy.
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    Andy & Paul, The title is correct. As I write this, Tesla has still not followed up so we can get the order and trade-in straightened out. If it was a purchase only, then it would be the same as when I ordered a few years back...Do it online. The essence of the diatribe I've written, is everything to do with the sales team unable or unwilling to work with a past customer that is willing to drop another couple 100Ks (taxes included) in being a new customer again. In most businesses, you don't find customers just laying around spending that kind of money.

    Hence the CNN article regarding the Qtr over Qtr sales decline being posted for the world to see, most businesses would make the sales issue a priority.

    All items aside, by plugging away with this for almost 2 months. The recent Price reduction will help me if I can get this worked out before they raise prices.
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    If you could make a purchase online with no issues without trade in, then the problem you are encountering right now is getting the Tesla sales team to incorporate the trade-in. The issue is not with making the sale. If you are looking at this transaction as a whole being dependent on the end result being satisfied, then you can say that you are having difficulty with the sale. But just know that the reality of your situation is not exclusively with the sale. Tesla would have no difficulty selling you a car, the difficulty is incorporating your trade-in, which is holding up the end result.

    I see a much more appropriate title such as:
    "tesla sales drop yet impossible purchase new model s with trade-in"
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    I was ready to do a 2019 MX upgrade, but had to cancel after Tesla used the wrong model for the trade in and I found no way to correct it. Tried twice. both time I was given the wrong blue book value.

    I mean, thats pretty incredible. You have someone ready to buy a model X, but Tesla cant be bothered to answer their phone, call back, or answer their emails.

    How many other people is this happening to ? call Tesla, and only get "leave a message" even after 10 tries, and never get a call back...

    Its like Tesla is going bankrupt and all their office are empty, nobody left to answer the phone or return calls....
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    @mskakun can you share your tesla email contacts ? I cant reach ANYONE at tesla for over 4 days now.
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    New fraudsters on the general thread. I wouldn't sell them a bicycle.
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    Sell your car privately as others have stated then order your new MS on line, easy peasy! You will do much better than selling to Tesla as a trade in.
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    Apparently The Vancouver store is kinda pretty busy right now:

    Maybe they got a lot of fish to fry right now and you rocking up with a accident damaged trade in is likely too much for them to handle right now?

    Perhaps you should do as advised, forget the trade in of your previously damaged car.
    Sell your car privately and just buy a new one like the other 800 or so Canadians in Vancouver are doing a week - and do it *before* the subsidies run out?

    If you take your time seems the subsidies may be all gone by the time you place your order!
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    Also consider, that just because its Tesla, that does not mean that the people hired to answer the phone are automatically hard working diligent people. I'll tell you, if i got hired to answer phone calls, i'd get sick of picking it up.
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    Hey Greg...I wish i could take advantage of the subsidies, would help with the ridiculous luxury tax 25%....LOL But unfortunately the incentive doesn't apply for a maxed out Model S. They barely work on a base Model 3.

    Update: Kyle the Vancouver Sales Manager has now contacted me. Has looked into the items I needed, and we are moving forward on a NEW MODEL S.
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    Sounds good. But clearly you can see why they've been a bit slow to get back to you.

    Whatever the incentives are they are driving demand up for Model 3's.
    So I guess those folks figure any handout is better than none when its comes to Government money right?
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