Jim Chanos is a major contributor to Uncle Joe's Campaign

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Just an FYI

No way I will vote for Biden if he's taking money from that worm Chanos.


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    Now we have to wait and see who Soros and the Koch brothers try to pay off so they can try to rule the world.
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    Bernie is so old he cant even stand up straight
  • SOSO
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    I’d take a bent back over a bent mind. *cough* trump *cough*
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    we need a young progressive candidate
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    I disagree with the notion of a snowflake candidate.
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    I disagree with name-calling and labeling - a lot of which has been going on in #General of late.
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    1. Bernie is not too old. He's had more appearances and more donors than ANY. OTHER. CANDIDATE.

    2. He's the most progressive candidate. He's FOR a Scandinavian social welfare state.

    3. He's against wars, but Iraq Yemen, and Iran, in particular.

    3. He's been right on LGBTQ righs since the 1970s.

    4. He can't be bought.
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    Im +1 for Bernie. Was in 2016, will be for 2020.
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    Racist "nothin's gonna change" spider hands Uncle Joe will lose to Trump.

    Hillary 2.0
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