Grand Canyon National Park Supercharger

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I was planning a trip for November 2019 to Grand Canyon and was a bit disappointed that there are no superchargers.
Very limited and slow destination chargers for guests only, and a goldfish of a free charger run by Sun Country Highway for Teslas.
But no Supercharger, or maybe... a little more googling and I saw that 10 Superchargers are being built at The Grand Hotel in Tusayan, AZ which is a stones throw south from Grand Canyon NP.

So far it's built but not yet operational. Why is it not displayed as Coming Soon on the Supercharger network?

Why is the Supercharger and Trips map not combined and does not display SuC price $, it's available on the Model 3 navigation map, but not on Tesla's SuC map?


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    The coming soon Super Chargers on the Tesla website are put where they think they might install Super Chargers. A good example is in my neck of the woods where Tesla put a Super Charger coming soon pin in Marlboro, MA, but built one in Hudson, MA instead (the next town over). A much better website for Super Charger lookup is

    There are J-1772 chargers which are usable by all near the Grand Canyon. Check out
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    re: superchargers, that doesn't answer my question, there are no coming soon superchargers anywhere nearby
    I am aware of all the J-1772 chargers nearby and it doesn't work for me, I described this already. Most of them are guests only, so you cannot charge there, only 2 are run for free but I probably shouldn't rely on them.
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    I have not done the Grand Canyon but I have done Yosemite before the Fresno supercharger and Zion. ideally you should stay at a hotel with a destination charger and try charge as much as possible at a supercharger away from the park. With Yosemite I used a Chademo in Freso (now would use the supercharger on the way in and way out. I stayed at the Tamaya Lodge which is just outside the park and had a Tesla HPWC. There were 2 HPWCs and I had to drive 40 miles plus each way to get to my destination in the park. I charged every night at the hotel and I was the only one using it except for another Tesla that used it for 1 day. They now have a supercharger in Fish Camp as well. One of the hotels in the park has a Tesla HPWC and in a pinch I guess I could have requested a charge and eaten a meal there. With Zion I filled up at St George on the way in and on the way out. Locally in Ojai the Ojai valley inn had 5-6 Tesla destination chargers
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    I would imagine the superchargers will be open by November. If not, there are 2 connectors at Maswik lodge and 6 at Yavapai available for general use. In November those will not be busy.
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    Update, Tusayan Arizona Supercharger at the Grand Hotel has opened sometime early November 2019.
    Perfect location to go to Grand Canyon and supercharge right at the entrance.
    Located walking distance to several shops and restaurants, we had a great dinner while supercharging.
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    I saw there are a total of something like 20 chargers? 12 superchargers and 8 destination chargers? Oddly enough there ARE times I’d take a destination charger OVER a supercharger. I’m often setting my car to 100% when charging so I have at least an hour to eat at most of the chargers in Phoenix / Scottsdale. This also gives me enough to get back to Prescott with 30+%. Before anyone jumps my (^% I am considerate to how full the stalls are :) Haven’t seen lines YET. Deer Valley gets close sometimes, with New River opening soon (8 v2 stalls) that will help people like me going up the hill.

    Sorry, got WAY to into AZ traffic issues and defending myself preemptively. Yay! Grand Canyon :) We’ll be using that one soon!
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    FYI, there is a 50 Amp plug behind the El Tovar Hotel. Works great if you have the correct adapter, and it's free.
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