Model 3

Luggage and the subwoofer

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I did some searching and found someone else once posed this question, but I found no answer. Sorry in advance if I missed something.

With the Model 3 subwoofer being in the right rear corner of the trunk, and there being that screened sound vent from the trunk to behind the rear seat for the "woof" to get in, what happens when the trunk is full of stuff? Depending on just how full, it seems it could impede the bass performance of the sound system. I'd be interested in both theoretical feedback from anyone who knows something about audio engineering, as well as empirical feedback from anyone who's observed any effects (or the absence of effects).



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    The sub-woofer bass penetrates most stuff fairly well. Clearly, if the trunk is packed, you'd not going to get quite as much bass. I expect most owners would not notice the difference between a full and empty trunk unless it's full of sound-absorbing materials.
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