Home service payment via credit card - major security flaw BEWARE!

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I just had my Tesla serviced at home by Tesla service. For payment, the service person took a photo of my credit card and sent it to Tesla for processing. It was done before I realized what happened. I called Tesla to confirm this is standard practice, and they told me it is if the person doesn't have internet access at that point.

A photo of my credit card with CVV is potentially in this person's cloud photo collection, shared with God knows who. It is also floating around in Tesla's system, potentially as an email attachment, and potentially accessible to a large number of people. Incredibly dumb solution on Tesla's part. And I'll probably have to get a new card.

I complained to the service rep on the phone, but there really isn't anything I can do about it at this point.

If you're in a similar situation, I'd recommend you don't let the person photograph your card and find some other way to pay.


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    If you're using a DEBIT card, I agree with your caution.

    For credit cards, not so much, as any fraudulent activity will not be your responsibility.
    Still, it's a PIA to deal with recurring payments, changing them to a new account #.
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    What the hell? How is that an acceptable thing to do? They cant send a bill????
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    What is the difference between a photo and them writing it down or memorizing it? Everything is on the dark web anyway so extra paranoia is probably not worth considering.
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    If the network is down, they should send you a bill.
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    I understand your concern, It is certainly not secure. Do you ever use your credit card in a restaurant? Do you give the card to the waitress and she then takes it "back somewhere" to process it? At that point you have lost all control. I just have the credit card company send be a text for any online, gas pump, or over $100 transactions. I can lock the card immediately.
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