An interesting all electric sports car from Croatia

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It's called the Concept One. Made by Rimac Automobili in Croatia and headed up by a 23 year old named Mate Rimac. The URL is
Here are some interesting figures for this essentially one-off car

Range on 75kwh battery = 360 miles
0 - 60 miles per hour in less than 2.8 seconds
Top speed of 183 mph.


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    you are bit wrong, the cars battery is 92kWh, not 75kWh.
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    and you forgot to mention price: $1,000,000 :-)
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    I think someone posted this before. I don't really care for sport/exotic/super cars, but the lighting on this car is really awesome. I thought I saw a video of the blinkers in action somewhere, but now I can't find it.
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    The battery is lithium iron phosphate, which is interesting, because they are using liquid thermal management anyway.

    It does not look like they have any kind of mass production capability. I would expect these things to be essentially hand built.

    But I have to say that the web site is well done and this Rimac guy looks like a complete design maniac. The fit and finish on the power train is pretty serious. The motor location is pretty much identical to the Model S (or X really, since it has a motor up front as well), so the biggest difference is the battery architecture.

    I wish them luck. Anything that enhances the stature of electrics is a good thing. On the other hand, like all others, the big leap is not from zero to prototype, but from prototype to manufacturing.

    I am still amazed that Tesla has pulled it off, and that took both execution and luck. Go to Google Earth and zoom in on the Tesla factory. It's huge. It boggles the mind that they got it for $50 million, and that, once they got it, they knew what to do with it!
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    It really seems that automobile design is to the point where it is not a mystery. People know how to do it. Computers can do the heavy lifting, 3D printers can damn near print out a prototype car now.

    Likely we will see a lot of boutique electric cars and I'll bet they will be very good for the most part. Of course, the exotic market is the place to start as you don't have to make a lot of them and you can price them high.

    And all this is much easier to do with electric cars than with, say, a W-16 motor! So, a smart guy in a small country can compete in some ways with the best and most exotic cars in the world, made by multi-bilion dollar companies. Awesome!
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    An interesting POV is that the NUMMI plant was free; at about the same time as it was bought, Toyota purchased, for almost the identical $$, a block of shares from the TM treasury. It was therefore a wash.
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    Brian, that's true in terms of Tesla's finances at the time. On the other hand, how much are those shares worth now? Not free, that's for sure.

    Point being, Toyota was not stupid. They played a bad hand as best they could, and have benefited. But Tesla has benefited far more, and the timing could not have been better.
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    looks and sounds a lot better than the BMW :) and it's not that much more expensive than that :)
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    I don't recall any street legal BMW that costs million bucks.

    Still, that is one cool car. I would like to see it in proper quartermile drag race against some street legal ICE car. It wont beat nitrodragsters, but with that amount of power it should beat pretty much any "normal" ICE car in short drag race.
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    @Timo Sorry I actually ment the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric not the BMW. That car is $550,000. But again I was wrong in my memory as I thougt it's Euro 575k wich would have been closer to the 1Mio.. So it's only half of the price :) cheeeeap
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    No net cash/asset outlay was involved then (or now), I think. Current shares outstanding don't cost TM anything!
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