HOV lane navigation not working in Los Angeles?

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When using navigation all around Los Angeles, I've never received any suggestion to use the HOV lanes, even when I have the option turned on. I end up using Waze instead, which correctly suggests HOV lanes when there are significant time savings to be had. Is anyone in the Los Angeles area getting HOV lane suggestions in Tesla navigation? If so, am I missing any settings aside from the simple checkbox in nav?


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    I have the same problem with an HOV lane on I-95 in VA. I thought maybe it was because the HOV lane changes directions depending on traffic patterns but I consistently have to turn autopilot with navigation off when in the HOV lanes or Tesla navigation will keep trying to make me exit.
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    I've had quite a few issues in the LA area with auto-pilot.

    For starters, much of i5 has double yellow lanes to divide the HOV, but there is also a white line on the inside of the yellows. So if you're in the HOV lane, to your right you have 3 lines, 1 white line and then 2 yellow lines. This seems to confuse the autopilot, which registers the white line and thinks it's not a double yellow. It then proceeds to try and change lanes constantly out of the HOV lane at double yellows.

    I've also noticed driving North from San Diego that, with "use HOV lanes" off, my car STILL tries to change lanes into the HOV lane. This wouldn't be an issue if I had received my stickers, but I have not, and I'm constantly fighting with the car to stop trying to change lanes into the HOV.
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