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I need to apply for a parking permit and the City is asking me for a copy of Bill of Sale for my Tesla 3. Where can I get a copy of it?
On my account, ---> manage---> view details, there are some "delivery documents but non is the Bill of Sale.
I don't have any contact number to the sale department.


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    Were you not given a copy of your purchase receipt? Those are typically the White/Yellow/Pink papers where they rip off the Pink one for you.
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    Doesn't your Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement showing zero balance suffice? Or your Title?
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    Andy, I paid the car all cash, you should have seen how miserably we were treated at the delivery place in Fremont.
    The guy took the check, didn't even say "thank you" showed me where the car was parked, not explanation of any thing.
    He was in a hurry to get the next customer. I didn't get any paper what is usual when buying from car dealers.
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    Im sure he was in a hurry. But the fact that you did not get a receipt is pretty ridiculous. Not sure what you can do, you basically dont have any proof of purchase.
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    Bob, I have downloaded a pdf file called "MVPA" motor vehicle purchase agreement. On the final price sheet on item #6 (Amount due from buyer) it shows 0, I assume that should be the proof I own the car, right? but it's just a pdf file without my signature on it.
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    I also have the pink slip (Title).
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    yes, your MVPA is your "bill of sale"
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    The mvpa does not show the VIN number, at least mine doesn't. I need that to show the DMV that I bought THIS car. Thoughts?
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    @ ivnestrrob Where in your account is the VIN# listed for YOUR car?
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