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Best Forum Contributor: Your Results are In!

As many of you know, last week I posted an informal poll for you to vote for best forum contributor:

Since then, over 250 posts have been made.
I extracted the posts into a database, parsed the users, dates, and comments. I read every comment and did my utmost to glean the vote intended.
I only counted the *first vote* given per forum user. If votes were made ironically or sarcastically, I still counted it.
Here are the results

The Good…
As elected by this forum, here are the best contributors:
1st Place (30 votes): Bighorn
2nd Place (4 votes): FISHEV
3rd Place Tie (3 votes each): hokiegir1, PhillyGal,
4th Place (2 votes): Magic 8 Ball
Congratulations to Bighorn, the winner by a very large margin.

The Bad…
The ballot box was stuffed with 75.56% unusable posts.
Yes, that’s right. In order to try and recognize the best contributors of our forum, we had to sift through three quarters of garbage data.

The Ugly…
Here are the users who posted the most unusable data:
1st Place: lbowroom
2nd Place: Joshan
3rd Place Tie: FISHEV, raqball
4th Place: jebinc

The people have spoken. Make of this what you will.
Cheers everyone!


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