How does Elon Musk compare to John Von Neumann

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Been reading Superintelligence from Nick Bostrom and fell on the childhood intellectual capabilities of John Von Neumann and was wondering on a scale of brain power and brain speed, how did Elon Musk compare. I've read the book of Ashlee Vance but there is no statement about his intellect capabilities. They are obviously extremely high and probably in the 1st percentile but was wondering if you have fallen on a quote of an employee who has worked with him and talked about it.
"Von Neumann was a child prodigy. When he was six years old, he could divide two 8-digit numbers in his head and could converse in Ancient Greek. When the 6-year-old von Neumann caught his mother staring aimlessly, he asked her, "What are you calculating?"


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    Von Neumann had an off the charts IQ, I'm guessing Elon Musk's IQ isn't anywhere near that. Musk is bright for sure, and hard working. But I think his greatest attribute is to dream big, be willing to risk everything, and manage to convince many other people that together they can make the impossible happen.

    The stupidest thing, as I can tell, that Elon Musk has done was the whole pedo guy stunt. But I think this is perhaps characteristic of him: Double down a bit too early with an irrational optimism.. Managed to work out well with Tesla.
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    Elon can be an impulsive Twitter addict all he wants. Doesnt change a damn thing about what hes doing for the world. IMO, his Twitter is just a magnet for internet media clickbait production, in which the articles dont care about being truthful or productive in any sense, so long as the article gets the clicks they want.
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    Lots of intelligent people in the world.
    intelligence certainly plays a part but you can be super intelligent and not accomplish a darn thing.
    Perhaps more important is about having a vision, motivation, mission, unrelentless drive.........and succeeding !
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    What about Alfred E. Neuman? Should I worry?
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    What has John Van Neuman accomplished?
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