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Finally took my first road trip and supercharged for the first time

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I finally took my Tesla on its first autopilot road trip over 200 miles day before yesterday. Went from Lincoln CA to Danville CA in the rain, visited my grandpa to give him a Google Home Mini for his late 89th bday present (he loves it!! Tony Bennett and Sinatra playing non-stop haha) then I did my first ever supercharging session in San Ramon before heading home. It was initially charging at 310 mph but slowed down as other cars plugged in. I was still thrilled with the speed though because my home charger is 33 mph. Hit 680 at about 3:30pm, had some traffic and rain, but things got flowing once I hit the 80. The car rerouted me through Woodland to 99 and back road to Lincoln in order to avoid 5pm Sacramento traffic. I was so thrilled with how the car performed and the fact that I had ZERO STRESS and ZERO ROAD RAGE during 5 hours of driving makes this car worth every penny!!! I ran formation with a few Teslas in each direction, so if any of you saw a red Model 3 with all black windows, might have been me! The trip definitely helped me get to know the car better and I'm not nervous about longer distances anymore. I'm also stoked that I still have 935 free supercharger miles left. Has me thinking about where I want to take the Tesla next!! Love this amazing machine!!


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    Sounds like you had an awesome experience. I am sure it was nice to see grandpa.
    I am curious. Did Grandpa see the car.? What did he think of the technology.
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    SC's are so awesome! You back in, plug in, and then walk off to get a coffee. If that's quick you can watch a Youtube video of SpaceX launches on your screen and usually the car is charged up and ready before you finish the coffee. I often find that the process takes less time than I want for a break!
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    Excellent. The charger will slow down naturally with the battery taper, so it may have been unrelated to other cars. The only other car that should/could have made a difference is the one that plugged into the same numbered pair as you.
  • A Tesla moves through the world with an ease and elegance that is indeed very difficult to match. No ICE I have experienced has been able to do so.
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    Nice trip report!. That's a drive that I make, too, from time to time.

    The corridor between Sacramento and the Bay Area has plenty of choices for supercharging.

    Curious, do you have a FasTrack Flex transponder and HOV decals? If you do, the drive would be even more enjoyable/stress-free.
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    And one more joins the fold :) so happy for you. What impressed your grandpa more, the Tesla or Google Home?
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    So, how long did you have your car before this trip? Sounds like second trip will be sooner.
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    After 18 months of ownership I shall soon be taking my first road trip too, a bit over 700 miles. Looking forward to it!
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    @radean84, good for you! After 18 months and three recent long 600-800 round trips, I can honestly say there is no better car. In short time, range and superchargers become something that the trolls keep bringing up, but are of little or concern. Everyone enjoy you Tesla!!!
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    @Pg3ibew Unfortunately I didn't get to show him the car. His knees are very bad and he's losing his vision. This was a big part of why I wanted to get him the Google Home Mini. Helps him play music, check date/time, etc from a distance and by voice. I told him all about the Tesla though and his mind was blown.

    @gballant4570 That's a great way of putting it and I couldn't agree more!

    @EAPme Yes, had a FasTrack on the dash so I was able to sail right on through!! I do not run the decals, OCD about the car's appearance, but the CHP didn't seem to mind me being in the lane without them.

    @vmulla He was amazed by both the Tesla (told him, didn't show him) and the Google Home Mini. He kept saying "So this thing... I don't have to turn it on or off? It's just waiting for my commands? How does it possibly have all of these songs and information??? It's the size of a hockey puck for God's sake!!" Hahaha

    @rob Had the car about 3 months. Think you're right.. next trip will be much sooner!!!

    @M3phan That's a pretty long first trip!! I'm sure it'll be a fun adventure!

    @apodbdrs I agree.. after you get in tune with your car's capabilities as far as range, charging during the trip is no big deal at all. I'd even say it's part of the fun and adventure!

    Thank you all for your feedback.. I've never been so excited about a vehicle before, and it just keeps getting better!
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    We’ve made 7 or 8 trips of 1200-1300 miles (round trips from Sacramento to either Salt Lake City or Portland) plus a bunch more shorter than that (Ashland, Los Angeles, Arroyo Grande, Bay Area). And I still look forward to each road trip like it’s the first time. There’s some magic in this car!

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    @radean, glad you got to see your grand father. Hopefully thw google mini will help him. We love our google STUFFS. My father died 3 years ago at the age of 80. He would have been blown away by the technology. He would have probably sat in my Tesla for hours playing with the technology. He was a computer geek.
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