My 1 Year paint anniversary

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Well, happy anniversary! Thursday marked 1 year in my continued effort to address paint issues present at delivery. The day after my model 3 was rolled off a truck in the dark at a Walmart parking lot, I contacted my delivery representative via email regarding the cars poor delivery prep including paint smudges. This led to a rabbit hole of what I feel we’re intentional voice conversations instead of text spanning two different people with “full” voicemail and no ability to follow up on progress. Later, photos were taken by a local Tesla “pop up” shop that were disavowed; promises to find a local pant shop by same for warranty work-also disavowed. Eventually a reliable chain of written communications was established with a larger Tesla service center in New Orleans, that I felt sure would resolve my issue (including being instructed to take the car to approved body shop 2+00 hours away). This was followed by numerous emails and texts to the service manager whereby my queries were not answered in a timely manner or which led to cryptic responses like “I’m checking with my manager”. Finally last week, after not hearing back again on the progress of my resolution, I wrote again seeking clarification of progress. I was informed that I had waited “too long” to file a claim. Sorry.
So here I am sitting on $4K repair bill for a defect that can be found in spades on YouTube in about 10 seconds.
Words to the wise: Don’t ever accept a vehicle in the “field”. I noticed my problem as soon as I got home in the lighted garage. I never would have accepted this vehicle out of a delivery center.
I’m the truest of Tesla believers that will not be in a position to recommend the brand to my friends based on my experience; despite the fact I love my car. DOES ANY ONE HAVE A CONDUIT TO A HIGHER AUTHORITY THAT VALUES REASON? I’ve tried my delivery manager and even Tesla press relations-nothing!


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    class action suit for sure
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    It would seem logical that someone has started the ball rolling given the number of paint problems out there. What’s interesting is that all of them look so similar, I’d bet they were all caused by the same “technician”.
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    1.) Take your documentation to a lawyer. Simple. If you do NOT have any documentation of any sort, you are probably screwed.

    2.) You HAVE to publicly announce who/where you dealt with to ALLOW us to decide if WE will boycott those businesses.

    3.) We ourselves are the 'higher authority" with our $$$ Votes to WALK, or stay.

    Thank You for the heads up on delivery do/don't!
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    I was being sarcastic
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    Just go to small claims court if you feel you have a case
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    To be clear, my post was geared toward having the company standing behind a otherwise good product.
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