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Solar sending power to GRID when PW is low

So my solar system sometimes is sending power to the grid even as my power wall is low (33% capacity). It has enough power to support both the house and battery charging but it sends the power to the Grid. How can I prevent this? I use Self Power mode and Advanced mode with/without Storm Watch. Is it possible to force the solar system to charge the battery first as priority versus sending it to the Grid?


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    That is unusual and might warrant a call to customer support to check operation of the gateway.
    From my own personal experience, I do have my system set to self-powered and may adjust the % as the time of year changes and reduces the available recharge excess. And I do 'force' the system to pull from the grid by setting the % above currently displayed value. EX: set batteries to 85% when they read 50% and all solar goes to the batteries and the house is fed from the grid only. I do enjoy the faster response times (5 to 15 seconds), when I issue a command change as they continue to make firmware changes. Good Luck.
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    I have seen that also, but it is usually just a small amount of power back to the grid and usually just for a few seconds.

    Are you saying large amount of the extra power is going to the grid, none to recharge the battery, and it stays that way a long time? Not just momentarily?

    If the battery is low, it generally wants to recharge the battery whenever possible.
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    Thanks smaches, I will try that trick.

    @PapaSmurf, yep, it's kinda annoying. I wonder if it's due to the cold weather and the PowerWalls being mounted outside. I just read in the forums that the batteries don't charge around 50F when disconnected from the grid. I'm not discconnected from the grid but if I had known about this issue I would've insisted on mounting the PWs in the garage. The installers told me there would be no issue with mounting them outside.
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    Yes, they told me also that they would be fine outside. They are rated to last 10 years outside. But then he also told me that of course being inside would be better and they would likely last even longer inside the garage.

    I asked for as much equipment as possible to be mounted inside the garage. Why would I want those expensive Solar Edge inverters and new Powerwalls outside in the rain and sun during the heat of Florida summers? Put those things in the shade and protected in my garage.
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    @clos000 - Yeah...the temperature thing could be the source of your issue if PW unit temps stay at the charge limit level for a continuous period. I don't normally have this problem as like PapaSmurf mentioned, I also insisted that all of my equipment be installed in the garage to minimize environmental issues.
    That said, should you attempt to force system action as I described above, and the app won't comply, that would likely point to the temperature limit cancelling any command that would force a charge that could harm the components. It's a hardware thing as the batteries really work best at or above room temps.
  • I have a ground mount array and had My 3PWs and roof panels installed on Dec 19. The PWs are drawing from the ground mount but not fully and sending excess to the grid. Each day they charge less. From 39% the first day to 35% today. Very night except one we have been using up to 19% to power the house. Tesla does not yet have a solution. Anyone have this issue from the start?
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