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Where For Ought Though, PowerWall?

So my solar company promised my solar + PW-2 installation completed by 12/31/2019. They got their deposit and order in October 2019. So far, all I've seen is panel installer for two hours (panels installed). Nothing hooked up. Now they claim they are back-ordered on PW-2 and will not give me firm date. Anyone have experience similar or offer opinion?


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    The installers should be able to complete everything but the PWs, and allow for functional grid-tied solar in the mean time. PV and the PWs are essentially separate systems, tied together through the TEG. You would be operating without PTO from your utility, though. The fear that you might try to use the PV without the PWs or PTO might be the determining factor why the installers stopped the entire project until the PWs arrive. They don't want you trying anything that's technically illegal. I probably would, but I'm a rebel that way...
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