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I Just Ordered a Tesla Solar Roof (Updated 01/03/2020)



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    It has been a while, but I have some news and need to update. FYI, I put a deposit on a Tesla Solar Roof in August 2017.

    I was hopeful this past August (2019) when my Tesla Energy contact asked for some additional information about my house. Unfortunately, Tesla was installing the “Textured” roof tiles and I need the “Slate” tiles. My contact said he would update my file to reflect the correct tiles.

    As background I recently noted on the Tesla Energy site that Solarglass installations in California were beginning in November 2019, with Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Hawaii, and Florida in December 2019. In 2020 it is expected to expand to “additional states”.

    I am hopeful Virginia will be included in 2020 as yesterday when I clicked my “Solarglass Roof” “MANAGE” box I was pleased to find a new request to provide a “Home Assessment”.

    The home assessment asked if my home is part of a Home Owners Association and for me to forward photographs of my electric meter, external and internal shots of my circuit breaker panel, a closeup view of MAIN circuit breaker itself, and a panoramic view of my garage wall. Progress, I hope.

    The next part of the process is the “Confirm Order: Coming Soon” where it states ”We are designing a system based on your unique energy needs. We’ll let you know when your order is ready for confirmation.” I love that Tesla “Coming Soon” part.
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    I hope this isn't like the other promised "Coming Soon" that's been awaited for about two thousand years...
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    That is great, I put in order for one a month agai, I live in Delaware and hope they expand here too.
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    Grins - unless you specifically want a Tesla-direct solution it would be smart to get at least one quote from a local Tesla-authorized dealer as well. Most of them will at least give you firm installation timeframes and who knows - maybe a more competitive proposal as well.
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    @Patrick - thanks for the suggestion. While I intend to install several Powerwalls my first consideration remains with the Solarglass roof. My house will not accommodate solar panels all that well and I believe Tesla is the only game in town for the Solarglass roof.
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    Grins - yes - I think you're right. I doubt there are many dealers ready to install Solarglass. Will be interesting to see how their dealer network evolves in this regard.
  • edited January 7 - this whole process is now part of the deposit taking flow. I just put my deposit down before the holidays and filled in all of these details right away. I called Tesla to figure out when they'd be onsite to do a more detailed survey and they indicated that it should be some time in January (this month).
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    @dmanincali - are you in California as your name might hint? I am in Virginia which appears to be a not yet serviceable state. I hope to get on an install list this year, but I am not holding my breath. YMMV.
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    @dmanincali - are you in California as your name might hint? I am in Virginia which appears to be a not yet serviceable state. I hope to get on an install list this year, but I am not holding my breath. YMMV.
  • edited November -1 - yes I'm in the Bay Area California so right in Tesla's home area.
    Hoping they get to you soon!
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    Update on my end. Got an email & a text from Tesla on Friday saying my design was ready for approval. Strange thing is that they never came out to assess my roof but none-the-less sent me the proposed design. The agreement says my install will take place in 3-6 months.
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    Sounds good. You are certainly ahead of my power curve. Hope the install goes smoothly.
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    Thanks! Will keep you posted. They did end up calling today to schedule a site survey/inspection. They'll come out on March 1 to inspect the roof, panels, and roof rafters.
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    Just make sure you've got a rock-solid and long warranty that covers *everything*. The sheer number of interconnects, each a point of possible failure, is enough to make your skin crawl.

    Personally, I'd avoid the Tesla Solar roof like the plague, but whatever floats your boat...
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    @gregbrew - good to know. Have you seen or heard of any reported Solarglass connector failures yet? I will study the warranty when available.
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    The roof has a 25 year production guarantee (with a certain amount of allowable loss per year) in addition to the 25 year weatherpoof guarantee.
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    Is there any relation to this phone number? I saw it on a few websites for solar power. It even said tesla for some reason, but when you call it doesn't say tesla this one -> 855-883-7418 Doesn't make any sense. Thanks
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    Musk himself talked about the challenge of the roof tile interconnects right before Tesla started taking orders *in early 2017*. I've read excerpts from solar trade publications that making the connections properly is a challenge. As a retired EE, I know that one of the weakest links in any complex electrical system are the non-soldered connectors. There are hundreds (if not a thousand, or more) tiles, and their connectors, on a solar roof, expanding and contracting with the whims of the Sun and weather, each one a potential point of failure. Based on my experiences in this area, I would certainly *not* be an early adopter of this emerging technology.

    I wish Tesla, Musk, and homeowners the best of luck here. It could be a game-changer, but I'm not convinced it's stable yet.
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    Here's a great write up from one of the first people to have one installed:

    They pulled in my site survey to today. Spent 3 hours on site taking photos of electrical, in the attic, and taking measurements on the roof. Extremely thorough with the measurements.
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