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Winter tires for 2020 X

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I'm sure this has been discussed but I don't see a search option in Tesla Forums :(

Looking for winter tires, preferably all season snow rated as I live in the Colorado mountains. I opted for Michelin Ice X's for my model 3 and bought rims with them for easy swapping but shopping for X tires is turning out very few results.

I see the "PIRELLI SCORPION WINTER" 265/45R20 on Tirerack as really the only option. I'm hoping to avoid buying rims this time and just get a tire that works all year like what I've done on my Toyota Tundra for many years. If a rim and tires is my only option I'll suck it up but looking for advise from those in a situation like mine; a new X that needs traction in mountain snow conditions often. Hoping for real life experiences and not a lecture on tire science. What and where did you buy and how are they working out. Thanks!


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    I ordered the tesla winter tire package 11/6/19. They went dark after billing my credit card other than saying they are “on order”
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    Tesla needs to improve their customer service for sure. After much research looks like doing what you did the only real option. 19's all the way around. Seeing if I can do the same package elsewhere for less but adding TPMS sensors etc. and installation is proving spendy. Thanks for reply
  • I have the nokian hakkapeliitta 9 studded. OMG. Pure beast. I live in MA and we had a few blizzards the past year. Pure monster. Like there’s no snow on the road.
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    Thanks. Did studded on a Prius here in Colorado and they were great, with snow on the ground, otherwise very noisy. We just don’t get enough snow days here to justify studs

    Think I’m going with all 19s with blizzak dm-v2 winter tires. ~$2250 from Tirerack all in. Same config as what Tesla has for $2800 before taxes and better rated tires than the Pirelli tires.
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    FYI: I ended up using Discount tire getting 19"*8.5 Drag DR-77 black rims and Blizzak DMv2 winter tires and so far great. Spent <$2100 and get free tire rotations and rim swaps for life of car. Not having the same handling issues we're having with the Model 3 with Michelin ICE Xs either.

    I'd share a pic as it make X look bad ass but don't know how to do that on this forum. Also why can't we search the Tesla Forum? Am i missing something?!
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    You can only post links to images off-forum.

    Also, nope you're not missing anything. This owner-to-owner forum has no native search ability. It's something we've been wanting pretty much forever. You might try TeslaTap's non-native search for the this forum though:

    Can you provide a link to discussion of your Model 3 Michelin Ice X handling issues? Just curious...
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    Handling issues with Model 3 and Ice Xs is from personal experience, no link. Car tends to feel wobbly at certain speeds, even low speeds. I think tires can't handle torque well.

    Also a friend with a 3 using Blizzaks LM01s, I think discontinued tire now, is having much worse issues with handling to point he's looking to ditch them for Perellis as dude at Tesla store said they are performance winter tires.

    As for using teslatap is that for owners only? I posted a nag in general forum about features I'd like to see here
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    No, TeslaTap is an enthusiast info site for Tesla (don't need to be an owner). Its a great place for Tesla stuff you might not find anywhere else.
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    Thanks, I've hit TeslaTap several times while researching how to install my wall connectors and good info there, I'll continue to use it but I do like the idea of a Tesla owners only forum to avoid the way-too-many Tesla hating trolls out there in cyberspace
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    2018 MX 265/45R20 front, 275/45R20 rear, just installed Michelin Cross Climate SUV, great tire for both dry and snow/ice conditions. Good traction in the snow.
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