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The T turns Six...Any Signs of Aging?



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    Inspection of coolant hose reveals no rodent chew marks.

    Unlike @L3CTRFY M3!
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    New sign of blue fluid on the T's landing pad in garage, drops from behind driver side wheel then along that side to rear wheel. Sent San Diego service an email, no reply yet.

    No Low Coolant alerts yet.
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    The M3 has been known to throw those errors, but service advised it's a bogus message (and hasn't re-occurred in about 20K miles).

    Blue fluid from underneath the car does not sound good.
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    Right...checked this morning before leaving for farmers' market, no fresh liquids on landing pad in garage, none after we returned home.
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    Happy Sixth Birthday, T!!!!
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    Whoop, whoop!!!!

    Technically mine was “conceived” today in 2014 and was fully grown car by the 15th of March. Took delivery on the 29th. I will be writing up a bullet point review on the 29th.
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    Soon we will be congratulating you for your car's birthday. I always think of you and your car every March.
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    I will get into more details on the 29th, but I will say that as of Feb 29th, I have saved $19,452 in gas so far.
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    To celebrate the T's birthday, we gave him a thorough wash using Optimum No Rinse...while it rained outside.

    And wrote a thank you note to our original delivery specialist, who took us on the mind altering test drive on October 23, 2013 and delivered the car to us some five months later. He was new to the job at the time, and now has risen to Delivery Manager for San Diego.
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    Our P85 was delivered 7 years ago, yesterday. We plan to drive it until it can't be driven.
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    Joules is still going strong in its 8th Year.
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    2020.12 installing now. Did they get the timestamp mixed up?

    2,639 days since NKYTA delivered to home via flatbed.
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    @Zap, excellent!
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    sbeggs - your MCU replaced yet?
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    Thanks to all the long time veterans for your thoughts!

    @barrykmd, still have original MCU for now, but we did replace a module for LTE in 2016.
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    177,000 miles/6 yrs (in two weeks) still have original MCU, and never had any yellowing issues.
  • This morning, saw green info circle lower left of instrument cluster, indicating Center Display Storage Device degraded. OK to drive. No black screen yet. Car is nearly seven years old.
  • Also in last two months, have had yellow triangle on cluster, TPMS. Tire pressures all checked out OK, Palm Springs Service ordered the Continental system replacements. Have not scheduled service yet, alert hasn't returned.
  • > @sbeggs said:
    > This morning, saw green info circle lower left of instrument cluster, indicating Center Display Storage Device degraded. OK to drive. No black screen yet. Car is nearly seven years old.

    Covered to 100k miles.
  • Thanks, @Bighorn . Steve asked, so I printed off the warranty bulletin as we are well under 100,000 miles, and less than 7 years. Tesla wiped the nav memory at 20,000 miles when we did the LTE upgrade. So we haven't put that many destinations into memory since our first big trips. Don't use entertainment except music. We will keep an eye on it. We also talked about scheduling the TPMS Conti work, but too much going on right now, with my mother's death, sale of Michigan cottage, and president of HOA work involving repaving, paint, stucco, concrete....everything happened at once!
  • Ranger can handle it without contact. If it dies, you might be out of commission. 16 days in my case.
  • Just received estimate for Conti TPMS. $123 parts, $586 labor. @Bighorn , any comments? Thanks!
  • Parts 393
    Labor 206
  • @sbeggs
    I emailed my receipt.
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