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Regarding key fob

edited November -1 in Model X
And one more thing. What is UP with the model X key fob. Seriously?

It’s so smooth it is constantly falling out of my dress slacks at work, falls out while I’m driving, falls out at the restaurant while I’m sitting, falls out at the gym. I can’t connect my office keys to it or my house keys for that matter. Although, my house is now totally digitally connected and I don’t need house keys.

Who in their right mind designed this? Maybe you like the toy car because it leaves a fun indelible impression on the youth—which if that’s the reason for this is brilliant. But one should also have utility in mind. Also, I felt like I was going digital and key-less in the modern world, but now I have a toy car in my pocket I don’t know what to do with.

Cmon man.


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