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Inverter question

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I'm wondering what your thoughts are on choosing which inverter to get. My solar system on order is 3.8 and the inverter is also 3.8. I see the next larger size inverter is 5.2 and the retail cost is only be about $300 more.

Does it make sense to ask for the larger inverter so later on we can add a few more panels?

Any thoughts on this?


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    Are you planning on adding more panels in the near future? There is no advantage in over sizing your inverter unless you’re planning on adding more panels...

    Have you considered micro inverters?
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    Typically, the inverter is sized to 80% of your solar capacity...
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    Also, "adding panels" is not simply slapping more PV on the roof, at least, not with Tesla. Tesla treats it like an entirely new and separate system, with a new inverter, wiring, site surveys, plans, city permits and inspections.

    Get the final size you want now, and be done with it.
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