Any chance Tesla will make a cybercar?

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I have no need for a truck, but would love a cybercar


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    Hmmmm, I am not too sure. The styling of the truck is rugged and purpose built which generally speaking appeals to men. Since statistically most vehicle purchases are decided or heavily influenced by women, they are not going to want a cyber car. If you are interested in in what it might look like, Google Aston Martin Lagonda.
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    Yes, IMO.
    Tesla China has been set up with a design studio to design a world car (read cheap).
    Methinks they will adopt design elements from Cybertrk to a 2,3 or 4 seater.
    No paint. Cheap repairs. BEV. Indestructible. Outside the square.
    If you have to ask, you dont understand.
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    one can hope
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    I hope they do as well. Although i think this is kind of inevitable because the exoskeleton design will be the best direction once self-driving cars become a thing and theres no need for a steering wheel. That will truly maximize the interior. But for me, i dont ever want to buy tissue paper exterior vehicles again. This kind of thing makes me rethink the interior of a house. Drywall is convenient because you can modify it easily, but it damages similarly to that of todays cars exterior.
  • I can't see that an automobile needs the 'bridge' that is the Cybertruck. That design is for hauling heavy loads that a car doesn't need. Today's uni-body construction is probably still more optimal for cars in general.
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    body on frame is definitely more modular.
  • modular is only good for low-volume production. Once an assembly line is dedicated to a particular end product, there's not much need for a modular design.
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    It would be nice to have a car that didnt crumple like a tin can
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    @jim, the Smart car uses a similar structure as the CyberTruck, they call it a safety shell and they add a crumple zone to the front.

    Nice little car but I wouldn't be caught dead in one.
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    I was thinking a bump on the side is thousands to repair. And my M3 got keyed last week.
    2 problems that might be solved
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    The way i see it. If you can make a car less expensive and effectively eliminate small dings and scrapes that have high margin cost to repair vs actual damage done, i find my self instantly unphased by how it looks. I still think the cybertruck's sharp edges and corners look ridiculous, but i dont even care. Its going to be dent proof, scratch proof, and rust proof. Make it an oval for all i care. When people open their doors into my cybertruck they will damage themselves, and that alone is enough.

    I had to repeat that in my head again. If you can make a vehicle less expensive and eliminate minor damages, whos the moron that decided to add more curves and make it more expensive?
  • What if they made all cyber style vehicles customizables. Putting a case on a cell phone allows us to change the colors and add protection. If we damage the case we buy a new one and its all new again. The large steel panels in the exoskeleton are perfect for putting a imbedded strip along the edges that could accept a thin panel over it. Make the production of those cyber skins open licence for 3rd parties to create. This does away with ever needing a paint shop.Imagine no having to pay thousands of dollars for a wrap that cost thousands more to replace when damaged. Put a clear skin on just for extra protection. Clear tinted skin for a cool effect or just any skin you want. .
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    Hot pink top half, and lime green bottom half.
  • Heck ya. I would put a wood panel Cyber skin on mine. A woody CyberSurfTruck
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    SpaceX decals
    BTW, SpaceX number plate
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    A cyber beach buggy would be cool, can’t imagine it would be worth making though.
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    some on youtube Richard
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    If the cost saving of the exoskeleton design is as great as Tesla implies it might make sense for Tesla to use that design for a low end vehicle. We will see.
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    There are legal limitations on what an owner can customize on their cars. Then there are the present social “legal” limitations like putting wood paneling on your car..... :-). I mean, it’s not the 70’s anymore.
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    Yes. It will look like a DeLorian...
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