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    You can say whatever you want when there are no consequences for your words, and zero accountability for being literally absolutely 100% wrong.
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    Tesla's new car battery tops GM's new car battery.
    apples to apples.
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    All of what GM said is essentially the same exact thing they said 2-3 years ago. This whole production was to try and lure institutional investors that are more and more going to Tesla.
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    I didnt say I believed them, in fact I don't
    just thought it was inteestng that GM released this claim
    (and who is to say they dont explode?)
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    Jimglas, wasn’t implying that you did believe them. What I want to know is will the Cadillac EV have a turbo!!!!!! :-)
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    the BEST turbo!
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    Maybe they’re self-charging batteries, like Toyota’s
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    Fake corporate news
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    GM stated a goal for a product that is still being developed. CNN warped that statement into click-bait.
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    I wish GM well, but we’ve all heard some of these promises many years ago(GM being serious in EV’s). The article says many are still clay models. Seriously? You are GM, this huge 100yr old auto maker and now after several years ago stating that you are serious about EV’s , you still haven’t gotten past clay models yet?
    I read the article carefully, and GM was careful in their wording, “up to 400 miles of range”

    “The new battery cells will hold enough energy to “potentially” power a car for 400 miles or more on a single charge, the company announced Wednesday. That's slightly more driving range than any car Tesla offers.”

    Well, Tesla is currently at 390, and that’s a really battery, in a real car, that people are really driving.
    GM’s battery isn’t made yet. My gut feeling is that it is easy for GM to make claims that are not even made yet. By the time GM gets around to making the batteries, Tesla may well be over 400 miles with a well known track record.
    As mentioned earlier, CNN created it into click bait.
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    The summaries I’ve seen are long on hype and thin on details.

    No prices.

    No options.

    No pictures.

    No vehicles.

    But lots of pleading thst this time it really really really truly isn’t vaporware like all the other times.

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    Not a fan of any of the vehicles they announced style wise. Pretty much to sum it up, GM is pushing the bolt through the middle of next year with slightly better range. Middle end of next year we will see a new EV from them. Battery tech is yet to be proven because no test vehicles exist and Bolt doesn't use that tech.

    They are behind the worst in the EV field. Hopefully they can punch forward with some really great pricing on a 300+ mile EV. I have my doubts. The bolt is the ugliest EV I've ever seen.
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    Mustang Mach E is looking more attractive each day.
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    No it doesn't
  • bpbp
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    Another Tesla competitor announcing plans for future vehicles - with the press comparing what GM may provide several years from now with what Tesla is offering today.

    Tesla has already announced plans to have larger battery packs for Roadster 2.0, Cybertruck and Semi - which could all be out before GM gets their first Ultium battery pack vehicle to market.

    Like any new technology, eventually the technology will mature and the competitors will catch up to Tesla. Though when GM brings their promised batteries and vehicles to market, they'll likely still be behind Tesla.

    Tesla must use their remaining time with a significant technology advantage to secure their market share - items like customer support, service quality, smartphone integration, interior design, ... will become more important as other manufacturers start to catch up to Tesla's technology.
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    "Powered by Ultium-branded low-cobalt batteries produced with its partner, LG Chem, ranging in size from 50 kWh to 200 kWh, the automaker will produce a number of electric vehicles over the next few years for all of its brands – GMC, Cadillac, Buick, and Chevrolet."

    That it is LG as the partner makes it bit more than just GM making announcements. The most interesting part is how exclusive it is to GM vs. LG's other partners such as Ford, Hyundai, VW/Audi and how can LG deploy the tech to it's entire line'

    LG is building out fast and furious.

    "It is investing 3.3 trillion won ($2.8 billion) to build and expand production facilities near Tesla’s plant in Shanghai. It has a joint venture (JV) in China with Geely Automobile Holdings (0175.HK), which makes Volvos, and is in talks with other carmakers about JVs in major markets. The firm is considering building a second U.S. factory in addition to its facility in Michigan and is expanding its plant in Poland. "
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    Essentially a buzzword, business lingo fluff presentation with zero substance. No timelines, no targets other than "2025", dont know what vehicles will be available in 5 years, no specs, and an up to 400miles of range. Is that with the 200kWh battery? No one knows. Pretty uneventful event if you ask me.
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    Already bought my last GM product in 1982 based on a glowing review on a real car. Never again GM.

    Ford plans on their EVs lasting around four years. No thanks.
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    Still vaporware for GM and LG. Tesla announced a 500 mile battery in the Cybertruck. GM should focus on that number, not 400 miles. Still playing catch up.
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    they're too busy making generation 2 of their failed Bolt.
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    @WhiteWind +100

    It doesn't even look like a mustang.
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    When GM claimed they Can stuff a 200kwh battery into a Bolt, I laughed. Will the car come with a trailer and extension cord? Given SOTA battery tech and cost, this would mean the Bolt would cost six figures. GM really needs to work on its BS before presenting it.
  • The Bolt is a great car. I applaud GM for getting it past the old guard and into the hands of happy customers. It sounds like they are at least talking toward its shortcomings (mostly charging speed and body style) so that they can have a fleet of truly viable EVs to meet all needs.
    Admitting one's problems is the first step in fixing them.
    While this is clearly just vaporware at this point, I wish GM the best of luck. They have a long row to hoe ahead of them.
    Go Tesla! Go GM!
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    The bolt's shortcomings. Like the lack of desire to sell it? Zero advertising and dealerships dont even want to sell it to you? It was all hype, the media blew up about how the Bolt would beat the Model 3 to market. Last year Model 3 outsold the Bolt by a factor of 10.
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