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How easy is it to get a refund?

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TLDR: Based on your personal experience, is Tesla quick about giving back the $100 deposit that they require in order to get a quote?

I've had a lot of issues with Tesla, as a company. They owe me $1000 for upgrading from enhanced autopilot to full self driving on my performance model 3 for $3K the day after Elon tweeted that if we order it for $3K that they'd refund $1K to match the upcoming $2K price. Supposedly it was going to take them a few days to update the website so the refund promise was a way to keep orders coming in while they worked on the website, presumably. I've been trying for almost a year now to get that $1K refund and Tesla has given me the run-around, broken promises, and given me some really bizzare, incorrect info -- one rep told me that I didn't qualify for the refund because my car was previously owned by someone else. I put down a deposit 2.5 years before my car was finally delivered and got one of the first performance model 3s. There's no way someone owned it before me. My bill of sale lists it as new, directly from Tesla. It had like 4 miles on it. Unless Tesla wants to admit committing fraud when I bought the car, that excuse doesn't fly. Several reps since then have confirmed that I'm the original owner, but offered no explanation as to why I was told that someone else had owned my car before me. I've been promised that the money would be refunded, but then heard and received nothing. I've been promised call-backs and got only silence. I've had unanswered emails, etc.

When the Model 3 was available for pre-order with a deposit, the deposit was "fully-refundable" but the Model 3 forums were filled with people who were having a really hard time getting their deposit back months after deciding not to purchase the car. I wanted the car, so that didn't affect me, but I did make a mental note that Tesla may not be 100% trustworthy and then I ended up having my own issues, as described above.

So, now I'm interested in solar and maybe powerwalls. I've gotten a few quotes from local installers. Tesla's website advertises a much cheaper price than the quotes I've been given. I was trying to stay away from Tesla because of the above, but the price difference is too good to ignore. I emailed their customer service for more info. She asked for info about my roof, my address, etc but she will not give me a quote until I put down the $100 deposit. If it were TRUELY completely refundable within maybe 1-3 days of requesting a refund, I'd do it in a heartbeat. But since Tesla currently still has $1000 that they owe me, and has a track record of being bad at refunding deposits, I hate to give them more money to steal from me.

Has anyone here asked for a refund and gotten it in a timely manner?


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