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7 seater Tesla Model Y

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What is your guess when it is going to be made available?

First quarter of 2021?
2nd quarter?

Has Elon Musk tweeted any new information or have you seen any insider article information on the 7-seater option lately?


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    I started a thread on this:

    No insight on timing though.
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    Andy Munro did an interesting test and the only way the third seat works is facing aft. It's kind of dangerous spot to put anyone in case of rear end collision. Not a spot for kids. I'd be concerned about kids in Model Y or any vehicle seating puts them in what is otherwise the crumple zone. Friend's wife got rear ended by a guy going 50 with three kids in 2nd row. Subaru Outback saved them all but the crumple zone in back that did it.

    There's a front facing mockup but the seats have no leg room as in a small kid in a booster seat. Even for small kids, it doesn't look like it works. It doesn't really work in the larger Model X (I've tried it, gave the 20 somethings a chance to practice spooning but not for long).

    No shame in a the second car being an ICEHauler. If you can find a Diesel SUV 7 seater, it can run on synthetic Diesel which is about as clean an fuel as possible. Non-fossil fuel so none of the oil war to refining to use emissions. Do get some emissions from burning the synthetic but about 70% reduction in GHG from equivalent fossil Diesel.
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    I would not be concerned about my kids in vehicles with the lowest probability of injury. But thats just my opinion. ICE cars dont have the battery to absorb impact, and these talking points are a circle jerk that does not end.
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    @andy.connor.e | May 21, 2020 I would not be concerned about my kids in vehicles with the lowest probability of injury."

    That's not Tesla as we know from actual crash data not Tesla advertising that had to be withdrawn due to NHSTA complaints of inaccuracy. Feel free to revive one of the necro threads where Tesla's claims were dubunked. More of Musk's exaggeration and need for attention.

    There are no airbags in rear of vehicle. Protection from rear end collision is the crumple zone of vehicle. In Model X and Model Y, anyone in the third row is sitting in the crumple zone.

    You are talking Yukon XL size to have safe crumple zone for third row passengers
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    Provide sources & data for your claims, thanks.
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    @andy.connor.e | May 21, 2020 Provide sources & data for your claims, thanks."

    Sorry...for Tesla owners only.
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    oh i see. no data from a non-Model Y owner. my bad for assuming
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    Fake thread with questions from fake doc. Moving on
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    Tesla will address safety issues before rear seat will be released.

    Maybe airbags, maybe a rear window that pops out, maybe a protective panel that drops down etc.

    They might also redesign the rear structure to allow forward facing seats.

    No reason to be making up problems that do not even yet exist.
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    the idea that the Model Y will be less safe than any comparable ICE vehicle because of "my opinion" is neither fact nor can be taken seriously. FISHEV is a professional for injecting Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt into anything that is Tesla. Please continue to invalidate other users here for being "non-owners" while you yourself are neither a Model Y owner, nor a professional in any field.
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    @Uncle Paul

    You think they haven’t figured out this in the current frame and they might need to change the structure for the 7 seater? I thought it would be on the same “skateboard” for optimal production streamlining
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    @Uncle Paul | May 21, 202 Tesla will address safety issues before rear seat will be released."

    Tesla never did for Model S which has first Tesla third row, never did for Model X and no reason for Model Y. In Tesla, whoever in the third row is sitting in the rear crash crumple zone. Reserved seating for Tesla fanbois only.
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    @FishEV, why don't you just look up how many people have died due to an accident while sitting in the third row of a Model S or Model X?

    Go ahead, we'll wait...

    For bonus points, compare that number to any Yukon XL sized "safer" vehicle.
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    Fish is Anti EV, Anti Tesla and Anti Elon propaganda machine. Don't be fooled by his Covid/Trump copy/paste articles rampage. He is a professional troll.
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    pretty much everyone in General section knows that
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    I just like to follow up his bs with this )
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    Anyway they suggest placing kids in the middle of the 2nd row, it’s the safest place to be in the situation of a lateral or rear impact. Anything else is a less safe spot.

    Also, up until 7 years old, the Cervical spine articulating facets are more horizontal and they get more oblique until 7 years old where they reach maximum stability. So, the safest way to go through a rapid deceleration frontal impact for a kid between 0 and 7 years old is in a rear-facing seat.

    It is safer to have a frontal impact in a Model Y rear facing seat for a kid between 0 and 7 years old.
    It is safer being in the 2nd row if you are being rear ended by a large vehicle.
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    Wow, I'm eagerly waiting for this 7 seater tesla model Y. We are a group of co-workers at and plan to go to the office with this tesla car.
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    These spam bots message are getting more and more constructive

    Rideshare 7 adults,

    Who’s will take the 2 rear facing seats
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    Maybe they're elves.
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    "the third row is the safest place in the car for a front or side impact" and that "even in a rear impact, double octagonal crash structures prevent ingress into the rear compartment." - Elon Musk
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    More receipts:

    "Of all vehicles tested, including every major make and model approved for sale in the United States, the Model S set a new record for the lowest likelihood of injury to occupants. While the Model S is a sedan, it also exceeded the safety score of all SUVs and minivans. This score takes into account the probability of injury from front, side, rear and rollover accidents.

    The rear crash testing was particularly important, given the optional third row children's seat. For this, Tesla factory installs a double bumper if the third row seat is ordered. This was needed in order to protect against a highway speed impact in the rear with no permanently disabling injury to the third row occupants. The third row is already the safest location in the car for frontal or side injuries."
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    @SamO "Of all vehicles tested, including every major make and model approved for sale in the United States, the Model S set a new record for the lowest likelihood of injury to occupants."

    Says Tesla in some advertising.

    There is no rear crash test by NHSTA or IIHS. The rear is a crumple zone. Sitting in a crumple zone does not sound good.
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    Good luck SamO. hes trying to use the letter of the law to be technical about how the rear is defined. It isnt actually a crumple zone, but an idiot can define it that way predicated on a default value.
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    LOL. Now the fish is saying a rigid square frame is a crumple zone. That’s almost as good as the massive I-beam he imagined sticking out of the front of Ford F-150s like a knight’s lance.
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