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Used Car Delivery Time - What is Normal



  • Placed order 2/12, funded 2/13 delivery set for 2/27. From Cali to TX. Fingers crossed.
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    I placed an order on 2/13 for a car in the same region (no transport fees) but still a bit away. Picked up the car on 2/20 so exactly 8 days from deposit to driving. It was a great experience.
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    It’s not going as well as I would have liked. But I’m very understanding during the COVID19 outbreak. I placed the order for a 75D on February 28. Within one day, I had everything in order. Two weeks later, I received a call indicating that the battery had drained entirely down, and they need to jump-charge it. In the process of this, they damaged the hood. It needed to be repaired. A few days later I received a call saying that the transport company was suspending all transports because of COVID19. A day later, I received another call saying, nevermind, transports were still taking place. About 3 days later, I received another call saying transports stopped indefinitely. Part of the problem is the car is located 60 miles north of New York City, going to 20 miles north of Chicago. A little over one month so far.
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    I received a call on April 1 from a Tesla advisor saying that there were notes in the file stating that the car may be delivered on 4/4.... But then he said he didn't that it would happen. Oh well, today is 4/3 and I haven't heard anything further. 5 weeks today.
  • I ordered and arranged my own financing on May 14th for a used 2017 MS 75. I paid the deposit and a down payment on the car, AND completed all paperwork the same day. The car is advertised as at my local dealership, so no transport fees. The car is located 1 hour from my house. However, it has been almost 3 weeks and no car. They required me to insure it May 14th paying insurance on a car I don't have. So there's that.

    May 14th they said end of week or beginning of next week

    May 16th told next Wednesday

    May 20th told next Friday

    May 29th told next Tuesday

    May 31st told if not delivered to facility by Wednesday they would escalate
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    I am having the same problem. Loan was funded 6/11 and my delivery is scheduled for 6/27. The car is located in Matteson IL and needs to go to Westmont IL 33 miles away. All they keep saying is the 3rd party carrier that transports the car is backed up. I hope the car is better than the sales experience.....
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    why dont you just pick it up 33 miles away? seems like a simple solution
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    Placed order on June 15, funded the next day. Delivery scheduled for June 27, this includes completing a recall on the passenger airbag (Vancouver, BC)
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    Placed order June 12. Car coming from CA to NJ.
    Had an appt on June 30th, but then they said they had carrier delays and it was scheduled to arrive between July 4-6th. On July 6th, I was told that the car is scheduled to arrive within the next 5 days. I don't know if they actually know where the vehicle is, they keep saying it is scheduled to arrive at this or that date. I had ordered a Model S in 2016, I experienced the same vague updates. I was hoping to skip the wait and ordered a used one this time, thinking that since they won't have to build it will give me an edge (which I'm sure does give me an edge). But to have my appointment moved from June 30th to I don't know when now sucks.
    It's Covid19 time, so it's a bit tougher, but I wish you could talk to an adviser that could maybe help you find a car locally that is a close enough match if shipping is unknown. Everything is funded and paying insurance, but no car. This really brings some flashbacks, I truly do not miss the wait.
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    Got my delivery scheduled out today... Exciting!!!
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    yvesv25, Congratulations. Old tradition when picking up your car. What's the first song you are going to play. And what are you going to name your car? :)
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    Well, this is definitely the most expensive car that I'm getting. It's a 2017 P100D with 4k miles on it.
    I remember my first expensive car, 2008 Mercedes C300 Sport, bought it brand new (Rookie mistake) and was at the top of my budget at the time (again rookie mistake). I was so thrilled, it was something else.
    Sounds corny but I remember I was playing "The World is Mine" - David Guetta. Thought I was at the top of the world, well until the monthly payments started coming in lol (Nah, I was fine, but it was a financial stretch).
    This time around it's so much better, you know, I had leased a 90D in 2016 and always wondered what if I had gotten to P90DL instead, because the 90D is plenty fast, but I don't know, there's knowing that I have of the bad ass car (if not The badass car) on the road. Not this time, I went all the way and bought the ultimate one I wanted, so I never have to look back. I will enjoy this one.
    So I believe I will play that same song again. As far as naming it, I haven't given that too much thought really. I'll be busy for a while, bought so many little things for the car, so the next few days should be exciting...
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    New buy on TMC asked what to expect when he takes his first Tesla test drive. I told him, You are going to say to yourself our maybe even out loud (and its okay to do so), WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE !!

    And you are going to hate the drive home in your own car. :)

    Can't wait for his reply after his drive.
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    Shucks, New guy, not new buy
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    That is true, I had 2013 E-Class and I took it to test drive the Tesla once again about a month or so ago. I wanted to see how they've come along in the last few years. I mean in 2016, when I took a test drive, I ordered mine on the spot, I mean, it was an awesome experience. So a little over a month ago after the test drive, I got in my car to drive back home and it felt like it was not moving. I was pushing the gas and the car felt like it was not really going. I, then, remember how much I've missed that instant acceleration and perhaps took it for granted after you've owned the car for a while. That was so weird, a single test drive in a Tesla can literally ruin the feel of an ICE car. The feel of the regenerative breaking and all, which is non-existent in a 2013 MB, I mean that thing would roll on forever, it's a weird feeling. Well, I'm back!!!
  • Ordered mine CA->PA July 3rd. Paperwork completed same day. 6 days later, the only info on shipping is: " I didn’t see an ETA sir." But seems after read this forum I am looking at about a month as opposed to the 1-2 weeks the rep initially quoted. Hurry, Hurry, hurry, and wait.
    Im also still waiting on tax and tags info. Did anyone receive this before the pickup date?
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    I just got mine. That thing drives so sweet, it's going to feel good getting behind the wheel every time. Hang in there John... So mine took exactly 3 days shy of one month to arrive. Some people get theirs in less than two weeks. The sweet spot, I think right now is about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. 2 of my friends, 1st one got his in less than two weeks and the other in just over 2 weeks. Keep yourself busy doing other things and sure enough the days will just keep going by.
  • Thank you yvesv25. Yeah work will keep my busy and time will fly. Congrats on the P100D.
  • Live in Waldorf, Md, ordered a 2017 Model S 75d from Fremont, California on January 6th, 2021 ($500 to hold, $2000 transfer fee) Completed all the needed paper work, and received a text stating that my car would be delivered on January 23rd. It is now Thursday January 21st and I get a text stating

    “- Due to a logistical issue the carrier was unable to secure your car as planned and the updated estimated time of arrival of your Model S is now 02/06/2021 at Baltimore-Owings Mills. Please do not make plans until we schedule you for delivery as this is subject to change. We will notify you once the vehicle is enroute, and schedule your delivery appointment thereafter.

    Questions? Please reply to this text for support. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.”

    Is this a normal way of doing business at Tesla?! Is the wait even worth it?!
  • Unfortunately, things happen in the supply chain. Right now is especially tough. Perhaps a driver developed COVID and the carrier couldn’t move the truck or had to reassign cars to other trucks and yours didn’t make it. Hard to say. As the original poster for this post, I do feel your pain and frustration.

    Dealing with Tesla on a used purchase as a first time Tesla owner is dramatically different than dealing with your local used car dealership. Some things are better, other things are worse.

    As for being worth it, I’m two plus years into my ownership experience and I really do enjoy driving the car every chance I get.
  • Oh please be patient if you buy a used Tesla. You don’t have a choice BUT once you own it you will love every bit of it. Yes you will experience some issues too BUT you will still love it!
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