Model X

HW upgrade paths to enable Sentry mode with USB recording

Hi all,

Model X owner (Early 2017 75D with MCU1, AP2/HW2). I wanted to make sure I'm clear on the upgrade paths to enable Sentry mode with USB recording. From YouTube videos and posts in this forum, it seems like either of the two options will enable Sentry:

- Upgrade HW2 to HW3, OR
- Upgrade MCU1 to MCU2

Is that accurate? Will both options achieve Sentry with USB?

Appreciate any guidance here.



  • MCU1 to MCU2 will not make it record if you still have AP2 only. AP2.5 is minimum to have dashcam and sentry. MCU upgrade is recommended but not necessary for sentry and dashcam. So upgrade AP to HW 2.5 or HW3 to have dashcam and/or sentry. without MCU2 you will not be able to launch viewer on MCU. You can however browse videos when you connect drive to the computer.
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