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Front passenger safety restraint warning

edited November -1 in Model 3
Got 2 messages this morning:

Front Passenger safety restraint system fault
Safety restraint system fault

These happened a few times but always clear on their own.

Anyone know what's going on with this? I had no passenger and both times it cleared within a few seconds.



  • I have the same thing but it's not clearing. No one sat in the seat the warning just popped up and won't go away.
  • Same and service scheduled for 2nd.

    Had it before and it was the seat harness which was replaced.
  • Mine is in service for this now. The first time it happened, they sent out mobile service to install some kind of "filter." It started happening again a few weeks later. Made an SC appointment. Now it's going to be there another week as they wait on a new seat to fix the issue. And they had no loaner so it's Uber credits for me.

    Funny thing is, the driver's seat was replaced earlier this year which took me 6 months to get approved because it would rock backward upon acceleration a slight amount. More annoying than safety. So now, the passenger seat is being replaced too.
  • I have this message front passenger restraint faulty contact Tesla after I dropped off my son at school one morning Model y is roughly 2 months old .
    I called Tesla and they tried to troubleshoot it but no success so I was asked to go to a service center the following morning . I started reading through the forum and saw a post that says that same message came up on the screen after his son splashed water on the from seat and he only turn the climate on for half an hour and heat the seat up .that did the magic for him, I then did the same thing for my car and the message disappeared after one hour it has been 2 weeks it never came back and I never bother to go to the service center so I decided to post it here may be someone will find it useful .
    Good luck guys
  • > @Teslarider_2002 said: I never bother to go to the service center so I decided to post it here may be someone will find it useful."

    You might want to get it fixed. I had that error and it disabled the car with warnings about safety restraint failure. Tesla Emergency Service booked the car next day and wiring harness was replaced.
  • Had this same message and mobile service came out twice with no luck so I'm dropping it off for service - they are replacing the passenger seat for this.
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