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App Experience for Powerwall + 3rd Party (Sunrun) Panels

Based on the nightmare customer service stories I'm reading, I'm considering getting solar panels plus Powerwalls from an authorized reseller (Sunrun). I'm curious if others have done this. Specifically, I'm interested to know if the Tesla app itself operates just like it would as if you purchased everything from Tesla.

I know Sunrun has their own app for their panels, but I'd like to be able to see everything (solar generation, home consumption, push/pull from grid, and powerwall) in one app...the Tesla app.

Also, do all the Powerwall functions such as "Storm Watch" operate the same way when you don't get the solar panels direct from Tesla.

For what it is worth, this is a system that would be purchased outright (not leased).


  • Previous owners bought from Solar City and they converted the app not long after we got into this home. The app with Solar city looked great, Now I am stuck with Tesla app since they took over Solar City and I HATE Teslas app it basically tells me nothing.
  • @nicmarie75 - Not sure what app you have. My Tesla app shows in kW, the solar power generation, Powerwall charging/discharging, power going to the house, and power to the grid. It shows the current and historical in graph format. You can view by day, week, month, or year. You can even download the info to do your own customized view, but I've never found the need to bother. Not sure what else you need to know about your system. I can also use the PC app to get much of the same stuff. I like it a lot better than my prior non-Tesla solar system, which used the enphase app.

    @travis_nj - You'll likely need to talk to Sunrun to find out if they offer any integrated app.
  • I have 2 PW with 10 kW of SunPower panels. My preferred monitoring is the Tesla App - far superior to the SunPower monitor...and yes...the the integration includes StormWatch and it works as expected. None of my system is leased.
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