Solar Roof

Solar Roof in Melbourne, Florida

Does anyone know if Telsa is installing systems in east central Florida? I noticed several power wall certified installers in Orlando but none along the east coast. Melbourne is ~60 miles southeast of Orlando on coast. I placed my order and unable to reach my advisor by email or phone...


  • I'm also in Melbourne. The solar roof seems to be the most expensive option, mainly because the Tesla non-solar tiles are so much more expensive than any other roofing tile.
    I ordered regular solar panels with battery, and also unable to reach my advisor. Is it a Tesla policy to never respond to customers? the advisor never responds, the sales support people do respond but they are not in charge of my project.
  • Solar roof only makes sense if you're replacing your old roof. It can be a bit more expensive than a cheap new roof and panels. In my case, I got three quotes for a premium roof I was considering without solar and no Powerwalls. The solar roof was cheaper, including two Powerwalls - so there is a lot of variables. The federal tax credit helped too, but only the solar portion of the roof qualifies for the IRS rebate, which was about 1/2 my roof.

    Panels are a better way to go if your roof is in good condition.

    Some parts of Florida also require the roof to handle 170 mph winds. Tesla has only certified the solar roof to 166 mph, so it can't be installed in some Florida locations. I think it's more a costal issue.
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