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See individual solar panel performance?

I have a new system with PowerWalls and have been looking around on line to see how to see individual solar panel performance. I have not found anything on how I can see that data. Anyone know how to see the individual solar panel performance?


  • This is only available if you have certain brands of micro-inverters on the panels on your roof. If you have a standard string inverter, this feature will not be available. Typically, micro-inverters are used when the installation has the panels on multiple roof planes, or shading is a problem.

    Even if you do have the requisite micro-inverters on the roof, the individualized data from them will not feed into the Tesla app interface. Viewing them will require that you have the third-party reporting system from the micro-inverter manufacturer. If your Tesla system was installed by a Tesla-authorized third-party installer, they might be able to hook you up. If it was a direct installation from Tesla, you will likely have to contact Tesla's customer service (1-888-765-2489 or 1-877-961-7652) for help.
  • Thank you for the information!
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