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Cell Phone notification

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Ive not read through to see if this is a standard procedure, and dont know if this is an option for Tesla vehicles, so if it already is, then please, just strike this whole post. If its NOT however.... Could not Teslas be outfitted so that one may be notified by cellphone that their car is finished charging? Just wondering. The Cell Application wouldnt be difficult to generate at all, and it would keep supercharging stations from "Stacking" too deep. As stated though, Im SURE someone had to have thought of this.... Just wondering.


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    The idea is frequently offered, but the TM infrastructure is apparently not in place. So far.
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    You can check your Tesla app (at least on the Iphone) and know when the charge will be complete. It tells you 3 hours left to full charge. Set an alarm if you need to, but the app lets you know how much time is left.
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