Model Y

Unknown squeak driving me nuts

My two week old y is great except for a random squeak. Sounds like it is from the rear but not sure. Only occurs after 30 minutes or so of driving then inexplicably goes away again after a period of time. Almost impossible to duplicate at the SC. Any one else ever have a phantom squeak like this?


  • Check the headrest on the rear center seat. Mine had an intermittent squeak that would come and go. I tried raising the headrest slightly and have not noticed any squeaking since.
  • Thank you. I’ll try that. Hopefully that’s all it is.

    I hate any noise from a new car. It somehow takes away that new car excitement
  • I'm taking my car in a few weeks from now for squeaking. Unfortunately, looking at how it was fixed in other forums, it could be the headrests, the rear seats, the front seats, the bushings, the glass roof, the center console compartments, or a number of other things.
  • What makes this difficult is that there are many areas it could come from, and in my case it is not consistent. How can they diagnose something they can’t hear and I can’t duplicate?

    I may have to wait and see if it gets more consistent or goes away( not banking on that).
  • Try isolating the issue. Drive for a few days with the seats folded down to see if it stops. If so focus on seats and head rests or keep looking.
  • Have the same issue with my M3. But it only happens when there’s no one in the rear seats. When I’m driving alone, I hear the squeaks only on small bumps and at low speeds (< 40mph). So I was thinking maybe something in the rear seat is causing the squeak. I took it to SC and they just blamed it on my the protective and cargo mats.
  • I appreciate everyone’s suggestions. I’ll try a few things. I love the car but as I said the squeaks take away that mew car experience for me
  • I agree - I admit to being mildly OCD, so that tweaking is getting under my skin and is actually causing me to drive my son’s car at times.
  • This is a tough one. Does it happen after about 30 minutes of driving on any road or are you driving the same route all the time when it happens? Trying to rule out whether it might be caused by a particular characteristic of the road surface at a particular point in your route.
  • I’m hoping it’s gone. I haven’t heard it in a couple days. Just got back from a 500 mile trip. Is it possible that whatever it was worked itself out? Anyway time will tell. I’m crossing my fingers.
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