Model S

Tire life

I have a 2018 model S. I rotate the tires, 19 inch rimes, at 5000 miles. I only got 27000 miles on the rear tires and the front will need replacing soon. I drive like an old lady, anyone have input on tire life. Even though it’s a D model, American Tire said there is rear tire torque bias.


  • RWD gets about 13k on the rears and twice that up front on summer rubber. I got 58k+ miles all around with a rotation at 30k miles on a set of Michelin X-Ice. Highly tire dependent.
  • 27k is quite normal on an S.
  • > @narrenschiff_92841313 said:
    > 27k is quite normal on an S.

    Agree. Are you rotating your tires?
  • 6 years is another good time to replace, regardless of mileage.
  • I am replacing mine for the first time on my 2019. It sounds like bighorn liked his Michelin x ice. Does anyone else have recommendation of tires that worked well year round?
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