Model 3

Dashcam and music through USB

So the new 2021 model 3/Y comes with a 64gb USB drive for the dashcam. I’m also going to want to play Music through USB and I see a few options, not sure if all are viable.

1. Partition the USB drive that comes with the car (cheapest, might be glitchy)

2. Plug in a second USB drive with music on it (easiest, not sure if it will work)

3. Put a proper ssd in it with one partition for dashcam footage and one for music.

Anyone know if (2) will work for sure?


  • As long as the front USB ports still support USB drives, option 2 should work and is the one I recommend. Easy enough to try.

    Note that if you use a USB or SSD drive with multiple partitions, you won’t be able to format it in the car.
  • I have one of those USB-SD adapters:
    With this, you do not have to worry about partitioning and it saves a Tesla USB-A port, so no need to get a Jedda hub or similar.
    One slot is for my Dashcam/Sentry SD card (128GB)
    One slot is for my MP3 Music SD card (32GB)

    I can recommend Samsung Pro Endurance SD cards, they are specially made for many many R/W actions like required in dashcams and do not cost a fortune anymore like years ago.
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