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Terrible Customer Support and Service Interface

My 2016 MS 90D was towed (power steering broken) to the Peabody MA SC this morning. Roadside assistance and the tow provider were great. I had an appointment scheduled for tomorrow. When I tried to enter the additional items I need serviced the app rescheduled the appointment to next week. I am unable to reach the SC via phone (mailbox full) and there's an over ten minute wait for vehicle support. Chat doesn't chat. Grrrrr!


  • Have you tried the app? It usually works instantly - zero wait. You can see the times available and choose one that works for you.
  • My Model S is at the SC. It was towed there. I had an appointment for tomorrow that was set up by roadside assistance. When I tried to specify the items that need service it made me another appointment for ten days from now - while my car is at the SC! The app is poorly designed for service - it limits the user to predefined options that are a subset of the real world. And doesn't provide a mechanism such as an open ended "other" . And Tesla tires to force all customer interaction through rigid poorly designed interfaces and prevent any phone contact with the SC. Not to mention the phone support and chat are not adequately staffed.
  • The phone app does provide a mechanism such as "other". I just used it. And I was able to add a second item to the same appointment; it was discovered by my tire store when they provided the "free" tire rotation (for buying the tires there).

    It might be that the parts required for your additional items are not in stock.
  • I was able to communicate with my service advisor while my car was at the SC. I don't think you would have to go through the app if your car is already there.

    However, once the service is done, you can no longer reach the service advisor. Nor can you reach anyone else. That just plain sucks no matter how much people want to say "just use the amazing app." The Tesla service advisors and rangers have been consistently awesome. The communication, not so much. We have another car in the family that is not a Tesla. The service folks are equally awesome and they are a phone call away.
  • I find once you get into the SvC, it is possible, if you are super nice, thoughtful, and have a good SA, they will give you their cell.

    This can work for mobile too, but you have to work at it...

    We have had another car that was poor (Lexus). But the service was good. Guess you can't have both...
  • BTW, for those in the know, the secret to talking to a human is no longer 2 - 2, but 2 - 3
  • > @Aerodyne said:
    > We have had another car that was poor (Lexus). But the service was good. Guess you can't have both...

    Two strikes for tesla.
  • My 2013 Model S has had some minor issues (e.g. rear door handle, battery malfunction) over the last eight years. Tesla would send a mobile unit to fix. Excellent. Now, a service center was built 15 miles away. Terrible service. I'm trying to get the screen replaced, but they automatically changed the service appointment the day before TWICE! Any advice?

    Now that the battery is going out of warranty, how do I get a battery check-up?

    Happy, but frustrated owner.
  • I will save you the trouble and the diagnostic fee.

    " Your battery pack is functioning as designed with normal degradation compared to other cars"

    You are welcome...
  • Oh, and if your MCU1 screen is not black, it is "Fine"
  • Lol. Is it really that bad?
  • Hyper ball
  • hyperbole?

    FWIW, whenever I have gone into a service center or had a ranger come out, they have been extremely accommodating.
  • > @WW_icefree said:
    > Hyper ball

    Is that the latest Lotto?
  • I have mobile service scheduled to show up 12/10/2020 1-5pm. I set the appointment up around 8 days ago.
    I get an email 2days ago that the passenger side liner has been ordered
    I get a text explaining the parts will not be in on time for the service appointment.

    I explain I don't need the liner, I need the fasteners that service leaves off every time they work on my car. I also explained they need to bring lots of fasteners, because service has left many off.
    And why would you order parts the day before you need them?

    The response was incredible!

    "we have to order the liner to ensure we get the fasteners we need."
  • oh and now they texted explaining they order parts after they remotely diagnose the issue.

    obviously they can now remotely diagnose the wheel liners to verify how many fasteners are missing.
  • Silver - don't get any ideas:
  • This is rapidly becoming a riveting "must-see" thread.
  • > @barrykmd said:
    > Silver - don't get any ideas:

    this is the first time ive seen this! it's very funny!

    > @rxlawdude said:
    > This is rapidly becoming a riveting "must-see" thread.

    ditto :)
  • > @rxlawdude said:
    > This is rapidly becoming a riveting "must-see" thread.

    Fasteners are the new rivets.

    Silver - that movie is a classic, as is that scene!
  • Fasten your seat belts!

    They asked me to confirm my new appointment Dec. 21 and I responded with "don't bother, I am gluing the part to the car!". I also texted "if you people don't know what you're doing, get a job somewhere else!"

    Now they are telling me to have my car ready for service tomorrow. These people are winners!
  • There is no way Musk knows this shit goes on!
  • Musk doesn't care what the Service Centers do. We all know that by now.
  • He's the cause of it. Between his micromanagement, ADD, and treating people like crap, he chased away most of the quality employees years ago.
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