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  • > @SbMD said:
    > @darth - "FYI - received a detailed briefing on CV19 from a very high level expert."
    > YouTube videos still don't count.

    That's a good one.
  • @Big, beat me to my addition to the line, which is now fully correct: "Scott Atlas is free to go full Q after being canceled by Trump, Stanford and Hoover.
  • Stain of serving Trump will never wash off.
  • An Ode to Scott
  • It seems the rats are leave a few at a time. That's what happens when you drain a swamp.
  • A giant fuck you to the people who ignored the Thanksgiving admonitions.

    -Doctors and nurses everywhere

    “This kind of behavior is evil, selfish, and cartoonishly destructive. It fills me with incoherent rage.”
  • > @rxlawdude said:
    > > @MitchP85D said:

    > When people cite the teachings of God/Jesus/Allah/Buddah (notably, all written by fallible men) as the reason to hate (abortion, gay marriage, Black people in general, and not wearing masks to protect others), sorry. That's objectively stupid.

    lawdude, you are only projecting your own hatred when you mischaracterize what priests, ministers, and rabbis preach. " people in general.." Really? You haven't seen black people in church before??!!! You went off your rocker on that one you dumb, goofy liberal.
  • Mitch, you ignorant slut. I'm talking about your Midwest Presbyterian white bread church. I'm talking about anywhere hate is transmuted into religion and vice versa. Any religion.

    (Sorry for the slut comment, just channeling a great spoof of Point-Counterpoint.)
  • It’s getting more difficult to get admitted to the hospital i.e. they’re only taking sicker folks now. About half the people who would have been admitted in October are now being sent home to fend for themselves. Applies variably to all conditions, not just Covid.
  • Fauci, de Blasio, and Pelosi are racist frauds calling for the closing of schools for purely political reasons that disproportionately affect African Americans and people of color.

    The COVID data and science are clear: children are not spreaders, rarely get it, and if they get it almost always have no or mild symptoms and recover quickly. Not being in school has negative impact on health and education.

    Fauci, de Blasio, and Pelosi are data denier, science denier, racist frauds that are harming our children.

    If you have any doubts, ask yourself why de Blasio closed schools two weeks ago, and is re-opening them now. COVID rates are up in that two-week period.
  • True. American public has been played for political gain. Nothing new.
  • > @smithst said:
    > Where I agree with rx (if I understand his fairness argument) and what I wish LA and others would do, is to neither exclude religious gatherings from health rules (dumb and dangerous) or single them out for especially stringent conditions (also dumb and Unconstitutional).

    I understand your argument, but that is not how the constitution and law work. Constitutionally-protected actions (religious, protests) get special treatment under the law. Legally-protected classes (race, gender, and the other protected classes) get special treatment that other classes to not.
  • > @dougk71_98361441 said:
    > 266,000 deaths the worst result in the world.

    34,000 deaths in NY, worst result in the country.

  • > @WW_icefree said:
    > Oh @Bighorn, every store/gas station I went in Florida people were wearing masks. So much for trashing Florida about Masks.

    That is why mask mandates have been shown through scientific studies to be largely ineffective. People pretty much wear or don't wear masks regardless of the mandates. Studies I have seen show about 80 to 90% of people wear masks.
  • > @Darthamerica said:
    > masks are almond 100% ineffective at stopping the spread

    Seems to match up with observations. 80 to 90% of people are wearing masks, and cases are increasing even as mask wearing increases.

    I think "100% ineffective" is an exaggeration. My belief is they do help, but that help is offset by the false belief in their effectiveness perpetuated by fake scientists and media, leading to more interactions due to less isolation, quarantine, and social distancing.
  • The outcome of this pandemic is becoming clear.

    United States citizens are so easily divided over nits that they can easily be wiped out by a virus.

    More and more I am seeing other countries have a handle on the virus and their lives are getting back to normal.
  • I wonder how many of the selfish anti-maskers would leave lights on, during a designated blackout, while enemies are overhead dropping bombs?
  • I just got instructions on rationing care
    to those most likely to survive
    turning the corner indeed
  • Tes-s is back, more unhinged and idiotic than ever.

    Must be the effect of Trump losing the election.
  • One by one, they’ll slink off as their ignorance becomes undeniable.
    It’s long been, but even they will recognize it by their monstrosity.
  • @rxlawdude

    Can you let me know the date that I can begin to criticize the Biden administration? Or will "Scary Orange Man" be the future of democratic discourse.

    Nothing will change unless you demand change and stop reflexively protecting the people who gave us Trump in the first place. TPP, NAFTA, no minimum wage raise, Romneycare, endless wars.

    You and Neera Tanden are the "polarized left". I am the one looking at each hire, each decision, each piece of legislation and evaluating it through the lense of "who does this help and who does this hurt."

    More Biden administration corruption in plain sight. . .sigh
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