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Best PG&E rate for Solar and PW's

Trying to understand what is the best plan now that we have installed our system. We are on a E-1 Tiered Plan. Our Tier 1 allowance is 1,363.260000 kWh @.24430.

Our Tier 2 charges are 51.740000 kWh @.30743. One month this summer we had a $700 PG&E electric bill, hence, the reason for going Solar with Tesla.

It seems the TOU plans are more expensive than our current plan.
Also do we have to do Net Metering, or can we pay as we go.

Am I missing something? All TOU charges in non prime hours are more expensive than our Tier 1 Charges.

Comments and idea appreciated.



  • I believe you will find the the E1 plan will be closed out for you. PG&E is pushing everyone to TOU. Did you get PowerWalls ?
  • Yes, They installed two of them.
  • How does the TOU plans work if you have a Medical Baseline from PG&E. Pushing you to a new plan because you install Solar and PW's does not seem right. It would cancel your Medical Baseline allowance.

  • The medical baseline is a bit of an outlier in my experience so I have no guidance. Call the solar folks at PG&E (877-743-4112) and talk to them directly so you get guidance explicitly for your situation.
    Outside of that - step back and look at the general concept of solar and battery power. The solar system will provide you with x kWHrs of power per month (average). Your batteries will automatically manage that resource for you (depending on your choice of settings) to essentially avoid virtually all peak time (and most mid-peak) usage while still providing you with protection from outages for a medical condition. You should then anticipate that the vast bulk of your usage will be off-peak with a minimal mid-peak consumption depending on your actual production and usage details. Therefore - your essential rate comparison should be TOU off peak to first tier rates as your primary comparison...again, assuming that PG&E will even permit you to maintain the tiered plan at all.
    The solution is non-trivial but if make some rational assumptions as above, you should be able to anticipate and predict your financial risk (and gain).
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