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Updated timeline in Seattle

Signed in August 2020, site visit and paperwork in September. Stop short of permitting and enter holding pattern. I also experienced project advisor shuffle and ended up in general solar roof support.
Meanwhile the timelines in my purchase agreement came and went.

Out of the blue this month (after waiting for 3 months) , yet another project advisor shows up and asks to schedule another site visit. I will do that. I get an updated time line for Spring 2021.

This is purely a guess, but it seems that project advisors in our region actually have something to do now and if so this is a good thing for those with orders in Seattle.

I am crossing my fingers and hoping that the new time line is a conservative one.


  • I'd be hammering on Tesla to pay you 4% of the PV portion of the project cost, to make up the difference between the 26% tax incentive of 2020, and the 22% tax incentive of 2021. That's assuming that your original contract showed completion in 2020.
  • I think I have a valid case for the 4% as you said. Based on reports from other installations Tesla has been open to renegotiating that point. It's good that they do that for integrity.

    Viewed another way, this is like getting a 4% discount for getting in line early. There are no installations currently in Seattle or Washington state AFAIK.

    I think a good time to bring this up is after the installation start date is set.
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