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After upgrade on Dec 27, 2020 to v10.2, FOBs no longer detected

I just completed an upgrade yesterday to v10.2 (2020.48.26 e317ea250ba) on my Model X 2020. Now, neither key FOB is detected, I may only use the keyless capability of the mobile app. I saw you could pair new FOBs, but only if you have an active FOB. Anyone else experiencing this? As of course no service appointment available here for 20+ days. Or is this a nasty firmware bug and I should expect a fix soon?


  • Have you tried a reboot? Often fixes minor gitches.
  • Did you reboot the main screen and instrument cluster?
  • I am having same issue with 2020 Model S...does not recognize my fob unless when left in phone charging area/well, walked out of the car to get a quick coffee and (because fob not detected in car), bam, I was locked out! Oh, and because my phone was in car I could not remote unlock from app. Had to call wife to trek to me with the spare fob from home. Help?
  • @bsteinhart - My advice - don't leave phone and fob in the car! Also, install the Tesla app on your wife's phone. She could unlock it remotely without having to drive to you. You also could contact Tesla roadside service. With verification, they can unlock the car remotely.
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