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Great experience with Tesla Solar. Must’ve gotten better.

I see a lot of negativity with Tesla Solar but myself and at eight friends and neighbors have had zero issues with process or install. 1 neighbor had a small hiccup with install process because he wanted to change the layout, then found out his production would drastically change and then asked for 3rd redesign.

1. Project Managers: they are busy and overworked. I would say my PM answered the phone or called back within a day about 90% of the time. But if I really needed a question answered, I would just hit zero when it went to his voicemail and an available PM would answer quickly and look up my project and notes.

2. Lack of communication: anyone who bought a Tesla car knows Tesla is lacking in this area. Then again, it’s suppose to be an online smooth process. They do not have banks of sales associates out there earning commission (thus the savings of tens of thousands of dollars). This is like ordering food from DoorDash then complaining no one asked if you wanted water.

3. Price, with Tesla you know exactly what you pay upfront. Other companies send salesmen to your house to “sell” you and convince you. SunRun quoted 44k for what Tesla did for 24k. The price is a no brainer.

4. Equipment: top of the line and a lot better looking than the others who charge extra for the sleek trim.

6. Time: it took me 5 months from order to PTO. But I had a redesign and a problem with my electric bill. Out of my friends I would say the average was 90 days.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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  • Please stop with your money-making spam reposts.
  • This is not spam. I am posting my positive experiences, offering to answer questions about my experience and if someone wants to use my code, then God bless them. Maybe they are like me researching without a code to save money.

    I’m not sure why you are infatuated with me and my posts. Whenever I post my experiences I always tag my referral. It’s not spam.

    When I was researching during my decision journey, there was little out there tor me. Had there been someone offering those experiences, I would have gladly used their code. But I had no one to use and I didn’t get to save $100.

    Mind your own journey and let me post my experiences without your hatred and judgmental posts.

    God bless
  • Not hatred and judgement, just calling out your repeated spam attempts to turn what's supposed to be a public forum into your own little money-making venture. What you're doing is obvious, and you've done it many times in the past.
  • For what its worth, I’m doing exactly the research Joespinney describes and sorting through which negatives are from negative people and which ones are real issues to react to (I have a Tesla car and am familiar with this tendency on the discussion boards). So, his post citing the experiences of himself and 8 others was helpful to me, assuming its true (which is all I can do). I don’t really care if he puts his code at the end. :-)
  • Once is fine, but eight threads is ridiculous and abuse of this forum.
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