Solar Panels

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I feel so frustrated! We bought a house with solar panels and closed on August 7th, 2020. We completed everything they needed before the closing and both parties signed for the transfer. My lawyer let them know of the closing and they said they would contact back within 2 weeks. I have tried to contact them through phone 5 times and I'm always on hold for over 1.5 hours at a time and I have to hang up as there's things to do. I have emailed them about 3 times to which they replied to be patient and another 3 that nobody ever responded to me! At this point we have refinanced the house, as well and I still don't know if I own the solar panels or not. I always call the 877-650-7652 number and get nowhere! Does anyone have an advice or how to reach them?


  • My advice to *other people* is to NEVER install new solar PV under any conditions other than an outright purchase. Also, NEVER consider *purchasing* a property that has solar PV already installed that isn't fully owned by the seller.

    The transfer process from seller to owner of pre-installed solar PV under a Power Purchase Agreement or any other non-ownership stake appears to be a never-ending nightmare.
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