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New Display Layout is Horrendous



  • Hyperbole much?
  • Hey, did ya all get? J U N K hahah
  • Tesla UX/UI Team needs to understand the best design principle is -

    Do the Heavy Lifting for the User - But let the User Stay in Control

    Meaning: Automate the simple Stuff and Set up the UI for what they think 80% of the people would want. Then let the 20% be able to customize the Interface to their liking. With that said - I have heard they are stepping in that direction in small ways in the future.
  • That would only be if the Tesla team agrees with that supposition. But it’s pretty clear that musk is going for full autonomy and not 80%. Which I’m cool with. Can’t wait.
  • I wonder how Tesla UX tested this? Maybe they are watching forums like this for customer feedback - build, measure, learn I guess!

    I like the updated icons, that is about it.

    Reducing the map space and the rear camera space to allow more white space on the visualisation pane is simply a regression and should be changed back (or as others have said - give us the ability to customise this). The visualisation panel now makes no sense as there is no real hierarchy as there used to be.

    Even the colour of my car is wrong - it looks like a light electric blue which my Model 3 is the standard dark blue - I wonder why they did that - surely not an oversight? Maybe the work experience UX designer pushed their first design over Christmas while no one was watching!
  • I really hate the new CAR ANIMATION GRAPHIC ...
    the aliasing is bad. It just look like a under resolution graphic
    please don't use the 3D texture mapping
  • Tomato, Tomahhto. I love the redesign and animation.
  • So many specialists here maybe ya all should work for Tesla and make new UI that we all going to hate.
  • > @in7_98388832 said:
    > I'm still getting used to the new display. You're not going to pass the vision test at the DMV when you go to renew your license if you can't read the new font for MPH. Your eyesight isn't good enough. I've never had problems determining if I was going backwards or not. But if you have that problem, I guess you should get autopilot.

    LOL, the perfect retort!
  • I like the new size and position of the MPH reading. I like the new car animation on the left side of screen. I'm still getting used to the new size of the navigation map, but it's probably fine.
  • > @"Joe M" said:
    > @Tronguy
    > Appreciate the background. You insights are well presented and thought out. What I think is missing is there are at least two distinct target audiences. The FSD hell yes, and the I will drive it myself crowd. My gut is that is the split. Personally I am not here to “help Tesla’s mission” and I believe in FSD but by then I will be in my next Tesla. For now, for me, no FSD and I want a display that fully utilizes the screen to fit my goals. I bought a certain size screen. This change is effectively making it smaller by attributing more of the screen information that is irrelevant to me. Kind of ticks me off being dismissed as having to be convinced to accept change. You can’t “convince” me a downgrade in utilization that fits my intended use is good.

    And that is why Elon said you will be able to customize your screen. Case closed
  • Following traditional methods of study, analysis, more study and more analysis, slows innovation imo
  • Plus, again imo only, Tesla‘s products are not a result of consumer democratization but the vision of musk combined with the relative creative license of his teams.
  • @WW_icefree

    Appreciate your window. From my window case is closed when the update that includes customization is delivered and installed.
  • Definitely a distracting downgrade - wish I could go back.. First of if you are left eye dominant (I am) and drive with hands at 10 and 2 positions on the wheel - your right hand now blocks parts of the display on the upper left where they have now placed the headlight states and gears. The speed is also a little too close to that spot as well. The miles remaining is now greyed instead of colored and so small as to be unreadable while driving - and this is one of the most important items I need to watch. Use of small fonts everywhere is an issue. Further the larger car simulation at night has restored the over bright headlights which when move around at night are highly distracting - this was a problem when they introduced this and was corrected - now its back but bigger, brighter and more distracting at night. Who in the hell designed this??
  • When customizable screens arrive you can change things. For now, its this new way. You just have to get used to it I guess. As for seeing 'gears' and 'headlight states' this something you are constantly staring at as you drive??? I don't think I ever look at it as I instinctively know what 'gear' I am in and whether my headlights are on/off hi/lo. That info, for me, is irrelevant to driving and I am glad it is small and out of the way as I don't need it.
  • My opinion that we should all keep the big picture in mind. The ultimate goal is full self driving...across all roads. These incremental changes are building blocks (this is chess not checkers). A month from now the old view will be forgotten. Hopefully the forthcoming display options will allow everyone to create their own UI but I've seen some enhancements within the FSD features and the vehicle's ability to see across more lanes of traffic on highways and other great stuff on this new release!
  • distracting down grade. lol so much drama
  • The iPhone would never exist if human factors theory and market research were followed.
  • This is what happens when really good programmers are put in charge of the UI. Programmers rarely have expertise in UI. Really should allow users to design their own. Then owners could submit to the community for evaluation and rating. The best will float to the top.
  • > @Atoms said:
    > This is what happens when really good programmers are put in charge of the UI. Programmers rarely have expertise in UI. Really should allow users to design their own. Then owners could submit to the community for evaluation and rating. The best will float to the top.

    IMHO, If users on this Forum cannot agree, I could see the Chaos that would ensue and delays that would occur when multiple ideas are put in a pool without any understanding of what underlying structure is needed for future enhancements. Best to let the developers do what they do.
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