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Unusually low power output from 4.08KW system?

Installed a 4.08kW system with 2 powerwalls. Allocated all the solar to charge the powerwalls. Ran the system for the first time today (pre-approval) to help keep the powerwall min charge at a reasonable level. Am not sure if the approval element may be relevant.

NY location, not perfect for solar panels (some trees), plus season isn't ideal now, but overall, I managed to pull 1.1kWh today from 11am onwards, was a reasonably sunny day.

I was expecting about 5-8x this amount, conservatively, but wanted to see if my expectations were off. Any thoughts?


  • I think you need a full sunny day to get a better estimate. It is also hard to compare systems, due to location, panel orientation, number of panels, shading, etc.

    I've got a 10.8kW system and I'm seeing about 14 kWh/day now, and about 45 kWh/day in the Summer. I'm in Northern California, with very little shade. I see about 1/2 that power is before 11 am at this time of year.

    In the app, you can see how "clean" solar production is for a day. Go to Power Flow and tap on the Solar icon. You can move back to prior days, by tapping the day once you have more history. Sharp dips in the graph are due to clouds (and less power).
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