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Power Blaster is not showing on the Tesla App

Recently I got my solar panel installed. The tesla app shows only the energy got produced and not showing the consumed. I got the power blaster installed. Did anyone come across this issue?


  • Tesla Customer Support

    1-877-961-7652 (Found to work as of 10/30/20)
  • Can you please post a pic of you powerblaster installed? The guys left mine in the box. I need to call an electrician to install it. Thanks!
  • Here's what the powerblaster looks like:

    I'm not sure why an electrician is needed. It connects to your router via an ethernet cable, and you plug in the power connection to any outlet. Ideally, the closer to the solar inverters the better. Mine's about 20 feet away, and the signal has to go through a 10" thick cement wall, and it works fine.
  • That's not a Powerblaster. That's a Communications Gateway. The Com Gateway talks to the inverter via ZigBee RF, and the house via Ethernet. The inverter only sends it PV production data. That data then goes to the Tesla servers, then back out to your smartphone app after Tesla mathematically massages it.

    The Powerblaster is a device that *might be* installed in the main e-panel in a circuit breaker position, if there's not a reason it can't be put there. (Mine doesn't have one.) It has current transformers (CTs) that clamp onto the house main power feeds. IIRC, it also communicates with the Com Gateway, and sends main utility feed power data to the Tesla servers. With production data and utility feed data, Tesla server's can perform simple math to calculate home usage, offset and other outputs.

    Without a Powerblaster in the main e-panel, no usage data will be available in the Tesla app without a Powerwall and TEG.
  • Thanks, Greg for the clarification and sorry for adding some confusion. I guess I've never seen the Powerblaster. The image above was the 2nd image via Google search and nothing else looks like any CTs in the images from "Tesla Powerblaster" search.

    The current transformers I have installed are in the main breaker panel and connect to the adjacent TEG to the Neurio monitor inside the TEG.

    Does anyone have a picture of a Powerblaster?
  • I need someone to check out my solar box and panels immediately if not sooner!!!
  • I've never seen a Powerblaster, either. I suspect they were a small company that only provided devices to SolarCity/Tesla. Some Web searches yield a link to an empty Neurio page, which leads me to consider that the company that made Powerblasters was acquired by Neurio, but that's only conjecture.

    I *just now* did a search on "solar city powerblaster", and found a thread with an image of an installed PowerBlaster!

    It's some distance down the page, posted by PazzoPower

    It appears to be powered by the top-left 15A breaker. If you download the image, and open and zoom, you can get a bunch of info off of the label, too.


    I'll try to link just the image, too:
  • @greg - great find! My TEG has a Neurio unit inside. Unrelated, I had bought a Neurio unit myself about 5 years ago to monitor my prior solar system. Neurio has since been bought out by Generac. Neurio is a different shape and has a WiFi antenna.
  • I wonder if Generac bought Energy Aware Technology, Inc. (maker of the Powerblaster), too.
  • I was able to source a PowerBlaster from a Tesla solar installer. Will have my electrician install it on monday. Spoke to Tesla and they will activate it for me no problem
  • @greg, looks like Energy Aware Technology, Inc. changed its name to Neurio Technology in 2014. As I said, Neurio was bought out a few years ago by Generac, and the Neurio site goes to Generac now. Interesting transitions!
  • > @guydude said:
    > I was able to source a PowerBlaster from a Tesla solar installer. Will have my electrician install it on monday. Spoke to Tesla and they will activate it for me no problem


    Can you advise on how your sourced it and the price? I'm in the same boat. Thank you
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