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How's you Solar Panel production?

I've had my Tesla 12.24 KW system for about a month now. Overall incredibly pleased with the results.

Order to PTO was about 5 weeks. I average 50 kwh per day of production. i'm assuming this will nearly doubly in the summer. I consume about 1400 kwh per month so should be just right. I'm in SoCal. What type of production are you seeing from your panels?


  • 5kW array. 4.2kW inverter(s). Installed on this house in late December 2015. Contracted production Year-1 was 8400kWh. So far, our 5-year lifetime production is 43,380kWh. That's a 3.3% difference (in our favor) of projected production vs actual. The SolarCity team absolutely nailed the design. This doesn't include the fact that the system degrades slightly every year. I just didn't want to bother digging out the production degradation table in my contract.

    Winter Solstice, on a clear, cool day, I produce 20kWh (4x the array's DC rating). In May and July, I can get 35kWh a day (7x the array's DC rating). The highest instantaneous production I've ever seen is 4.6kW, with the inverters clipping. That's exceedingly rare, and I'm totally fine with that. Paying for bigger inverters to prevent this rare clipping is a negative ROI. It's common for string inverters to be rated at ~85% of the array rating, as the array rarely meets spec'd production, except under perfect conditions, like in the lab where it's tested.

    On Summer Solstice, the Sun's arc actually overshoots a 90 degree angle to our array, due to roof slope, which is one of the reasons why our production maxes out in May and July.

    We're in So. CA (Huntington Beach, one mile from the beach), and our roof faces directly South. The marine layer is a factor, here. One of the top reasons we bought this property (1500 SF SFR) was because of it's large South-facing roof area. We've had solar PV (and EVs) since 1997. (We've put PV on two properties.)
  • Very nice!

    I was living in HB for a while at Pac City! Great place :)
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