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Dips in production

I live in Tucson, AZ, lots of sun, very few clouds. When I look at my Tesla app I have noticed dips in solar production for no real reason. Wed. 12/30 at 12:45 I am producing 2.1kw, then at 1pm I have zero production, 1:15 - 2.1kw, 1:45 - 4.8kw, 2pm - 2.45kw. 12/31, 12:30 I spike at 4kw, 12:45 - 2.2kw, 1:15 - 1kw, 1:45 - 3.9. Today, same pattern, 11:15 - 1.3kw, 11:45 - 0.7kw, noon I spike at 1.9 only to watch it bottom out not 15 mins later to zero. I know there are no passing clouds today. Its clear as a bell out there. Has anyone else noticed issues like this?


  • That doesn't sound normal at all. Any chance there is a tree causing shade at that time? If your inverter has a display or error indicators, you might check to see if the inverters are showing the same results if it is a solar production issue or a reporting issue. If your inverters have no display (or if you have microinverters) you could also look at your utility meter and see if it also reflects the problem or not.
  • If this is a solar-only installation, it might be a reporting issue, as TT suggests above. The Communications Gateway box is pretty sensitive to distance from the inverter. It's the little 5" x 5" box that connects to your house wired network. It communicates with your inverter via the ZigBee RF protocol, and really likes to be close to the inverter. Line-of-sight is best.
  • I also live in Tucson and both of those days were perfectly clear and my generation was a perfect sine waves, no dips whatsoever.

    As was mentioned likely a communication issue.
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